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Paul Edwin Quattlebaum Jr.

Paul Edwin Quattlebaum Jr.

  • Engineer
  • Lexington County Fire Service
  • South Carolina
  • Age: 46
  • Year of Death: 2019

Paul Edwin Quattlebaum Jr. was born October 13, 1972, to proud parents, Paul and Debbie Quattlebaum. They were excited to welcome their firstborn into the world. He was full of excitement from an early age to explore and make new discoveries in a new world. He quickly learned that Mom and Dad held a short leash. They would let him explore and find his way, always under a watchful eye.

He was an average student who found out that he enjoyed the outdoors more than school. His granddad would take him deer hunting in the low country of South Carolina. He quickly grew to love to hear the dogs run and enjoyed the excitement of the hunt. After trying college for two years, he decided to join the Marine Corps. His dad had fought with the Marines in Vietnam. Hearing his dad talk of the war, he decided that the Marines were his future. All was well until one night at the beach a car ran through a stop sign and crushed his left leg below the knee. He received a medical discharge after twelve plus months of recovery.

Searching for a way in life, he became friends with some firefighters, prompting him to become a volunteer with Lexington County Firefighters Association, which led to full-time in 2000. He convinced skeptical parents that he had made the right choice. At first, his mom and dad were disappointed, but they quickly learned that he had made the right career move. Like the Marines, firefighters are a unique brotherhood who proudly serve to keep people safe in a time of crisis. It is indeed an honorable profession.

It was at the fire station where he met Tanya, who became the mother of his son, Elijah Paul Quattlebaum. Paul Edwin was the proud father who loved his son more than anything. He taught Elijah to dream big and aim high. It was both their dream to own a log home in the mountains of Tennessee. He was anxiously looking forward to retirement to live out his dream with Elijah.

His life was taken on October 4, 2019, when he was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer while giving aid and assistance to a motor vehicle accident.

Paul Edwin loved family, and he loved God. All that knew him saw him as a kind and generous man. He ran a pool maintenance business that quickly became more than he wanted, but he continued to work hard to reach his goals in life.

Life is so empty for family and friends without his presence. He loved deeply and faithfully. Rest in Peace, my dear son. You will forever be missed here on this earth.

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