Roll of Honor

Ted Rodney Collett

Ted Rodney Collett

  • Firefighter
  • Red Bird Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • Kentucky
  • Age: 41
  • Year of Death: 2016

When Ted Rodney Collett was a year old he had a massive brain seizure. He survived, but his parents, Ted and Shirley, were told by physicians that the outlook for Rodney was grim. In fact, his parents were told to treasure every moment with their son, because he probably wouldn’t live to see his teenage years.

While growing up in Beverly, Kentucky, Rodney was surrounded by a family that was strengthened by a strong faith in God. They, along with members of the community, gave Rodney a stable and nurturing environment in which he not only survived, but thrived.

Despite battling health conditions for virtually his entire life, Rodney remained optimistic, never allowing his limitations to define him. He never dwelled on what he wouldn’t or couldn’t do, but rather on what he would and could do.

Rodney became a loving uncle to his three nephews, an avid four-wheeler enthusiast, and a vibrant member of the Red Bird community. His ability to connect with others became one of his biggest strengths. Rodney loved to joke and laugh with everyone he met and genuinely cared about his fellow man. His infectious attitude made it easy to smile with him.

Rodney discovered one of his greatest passions in life was being a member of the Red Bird and Bell County Volunteer Fire Departments. By enthusiastically selling shirts and ice cream and being at the firehouse in case a call came in, Rodney threw himself into the role of volunteer firefighter wholeheartedly. He developed a mutual love and respect for his firefighter family.

Rodney’s life was a life well lived. It was full of courage, honor, wonder, and joy. If ever the word hero could be used to describe someone, then it is appropriate now.

Rodney, you are our hero. Praise the Lord.

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