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Company Officer-to-Company Officer Network

Company Officer-to-Company Officer Network

A line-of-duty death forever changes the fire department or agency and the community. So, where does a company officer who loses a firefighter in the line-of-duty turn for support after this tragedy? The Company Officer-to-Company Officer Network grew out of a need expressed by company officers who had lost a firefighter in the line of […]

IC to IC Network

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation created the IC to IC Network to provide assistance to incident commanders who have experienced a line-of-duty death of a firefighter under their command.

Chief to Chief Network

Chief to Chief

A line-of-duty death forever changes the community, department or agency. So where does a chief turn for support after a tragedy?

Local Assistance State Team

Everything that happens immediately after a line-of-duty death affects the way the family, department, and the community recover from loss.