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Family Benefits

Osceola County Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits
Updated June 2012


Osceola County Human Resources
1 Courthouse Sq, Suite 4200
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Phone: (407) 742-1200

The County will provide all full-time, benefit eligible employees a Group Term Life Insurance policy equal to one times annual earnings rounded to the next higher multiple of $1,000, if not already an exact multiple thereof. The guarantee issue amount is the lesser of one times you’re annual earnings, rounded to the next multiple of $1,000 or $300,000. This policy also includes a double indemnity provision for accidental death. Double indemnity means the policy will pay twice the amount of coverage. This is provided at no cost to you. The policy also includes an accelerated benefit provision that allows you to receive up to 75% of the coverage paid to you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have six months or less to live. Note: If you choose to receive proceeds under the accelerated benefit provision, your beneficiary will only receive the remainder of your initial life insurance amount. Group Term Life/AD&D Insurance benefits reduce at older ages. Once you attain age 70, your Life/AD&D insurance benefits will reduce to 65% of your original amount. Once you attain age 75, your Life/AD&D insurance benefits will reduce to 50% of your original amount. The following summary highlights some, but not all of the provisions found in your Group Term Life/AD&D Insurance policy:

  • Waiver of premium provision. This provision enables the County and you the ability to waive the collection of premiums while keeping the life coverage in force after you have been disabled for 180 continuous days prior to turning age 60. Note: CIGNA must certify your disability before the waiver of premium begins.
  • Upon termination of life coverage, you have the right to convert your term life insurance into permanent life insurance regardless of your physical condition and without a medical examination. You cannot be denied coverage. You will be responsible for paying the premiums for a conversion policy. You must apply for conversion within 31 days of termination or loss of benefits.
  • Seat Belt benefit provision is included in your AD&D coverage. Your policy may pay your beneficiary an additional $10,000 in AD&D benefits if you sustain an accidental bodily injury which causes your death while driving or riding in a private passenger car while wearing your seat belt. In addition to the seat belt benefit, if an air bag deploys in the same accident, your beneficiary may be eligible to receive an additional $5,000 in AD&D benefits. Note: In order to receive the seat belt and air bag benefits you must qualify to receive AD&D benefits first.
  • Portability and Conversion provisions are included in your life coverage. Portability means that employees terminating employment with the County may continue coverage at term insurance rates. Conversion means employees terminating may convert coverage to permanent life insurance. Each provision has separate eligibility requirements – please contact CIGNA to see which you may qualify for if you leave County employment and wish to maintain your life coverage.
  • Life/AD&D Plan Features: Will preparation services allow you and your family to create a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Financial Power of Attorney as well as creating a Medical authorization for Minors all at no additional cost.
  • Felonious Assault and Violent Crime Enhancement states that in the event a covered Employee is assaulted while on the job (on or off Osceola County premises) they will receive an additional 10% of the AD&D benefit up to $10,000 for an Accidental Death or Dismemberment Loss.
  • CIGNAssurance Program for Beneficiaries. Immediate access to Life or AD&D Insurance proceeds via personalized drafts on an interest bearing account. One on one Bereavement counseling with trained, certified CIGNA Behavioral Health Specialists. Free legal consultations and discounted professional legal services with a network of licensed practicing attorneys. Free Consultation with experienced financial professionals and referrals for additional assistance.
  • Additional Purchasing Options You may purchase additional Life/AD&D insurance in increments of $10,000 up to the lesser of five (5) times your annual earnings or $300,000. The guarantee issue limit is $200,000 for active employees. Guarantee issue means you do not have to provide evidence of good health and cannot be turned down for any reason during your initial enrollment period.


Disclaimer: The material contained in the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Survivor Benefits website is not the result of legal research, but rather is based on a scan of public documents. We have made every effort to be accurate and timely, but errors may exist. The material on this website is advisory only and should not be cited as evidence or proof that a benefit exists or that our facts are accurate. Always consult the decedent’s fire department for benefits assistance, or a benefits’ attorney. If, in the course of your own research, you see errors of fact, or new benefit information, please pass this information along to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.