Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Survivor Benefits

Updated December 2018


The surviving spouse of a worker who is fully insured and dies is entitled to a surviving spouse insurance benefit of 100% of the basic benefit, subject to the maximum and minimum survivor benefits, and subject to the earnings test. This is paid until remarriage or until death of the surviving spouse, whichever occurs first.
Each surviving child of a worker who is fully or currently insured and dies is entitled to a surviving child’s insurance benefit of 25% of the basic benefit; provided, however, that the total monthly survivor’s insurance benefits payable to both Surviving Spouse and the Surviving Children shall neither exceed the basic benefit applicable to the deceased wage earner nor be less than $128.99; and where more than one person is entitled to survivor’s benefits, the payments shall be made to all such beneficiaries proportionately to the percentage of basic benefit due them.


Marshall Islands Social Security Administration (MISSA)
P.O. Box 175, Majuro
Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960
Phone: (692) 625-3101
Fax: (692) 625-4570
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If the injury causes death, the disability benefits shall be payable in the 3 amounts and to or for the benefit of the persons following: 4 (1) Reasonable funeral expenses not exceeding $1,200; 5 (2) If there be a surviving spouse and no child or the deceases, to such 6 surviving spouse 35 percent of the average wages of the decease until 7 such time as the surviving spouse remarries, with two years’ 8 disability benefits in one sum upon remarriage; and, if there be a 9 surviving child children of the deceased, the additional amount of 15 10 percent of such wages for each child. In the case of the death or 11 remarriage of such surviving spouse, if there be one surviving child 12 of the deceases employee, such child shall have his or her disability 13 benefits increased to 35 percent of such wages; and if there be more 14 than one surviving child of the deceased employee, to such children, 15 in equal parts, 35 percent of such wages, increased by 15 percent of 16 such wages for each child in excess of one; provided, that the total 17 amount payable shall in no case exceed two-thirds (2/3) of such 18 wages.

Read the Marshall Islands Workers’ Compensation Act (2016)

For assistance, contact the local Workers’ Compensation Office in your community.


Not to exceed $1,200.







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