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Survivor BenefitsUpdated July 2011

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A total benefit of $10,000 will be paid to the survivors of firefighters, emergency management volunteers, and police officers.

Information line: 1-787-724-2030


A maximum benefit of $18,000 will be paid to the surviving spouse, children or other legal survivors of the firefighter killed or 100% disabled in the line of duty.

Information line: 1-787-793-5959


Workers Association of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Asociación de Empleados del ELA) will pay $1,500 for funeral expenses. Cancellation of a loan debt with the Association.

If the death is accidental, the family will receive an additional $2,000 for any purpose. Duplication of the savings of his/her account with the Association. The savings will be divided among the surviving spouse, children or any other person previously designated by the fallen firefighter.

Information line: 1-787-641-4008
Website: www.aeela.com


Retirement Systems Administration (Administración de Sistemas de Retiro) pays a benefit to eligible survivors. Benefit is 50% of the employee’s wage for a spouse, or 85% of the employee’s wage for a spouse with children, with a minimum weekly benefit of $75 and a maximum weekly benefit of $160. Benefits are paid monthly, not weekly.

As an advance, spouse receives a sum of $500 for funeral expenses.

Information line: 1-877-777-2020


The Automobile Accidents Compensation Administration (Administración de Compensaciones por Accidentes de Automoviles) pays a special benefit if the death is caused by a car, truck, or any other transportation vehicle. The family can receive a maximum of $25,000 in benefits. The widow receives $10,000 and the other benefits are divided between the child and other qualified dependents.

An additional sum of $1,000 will be paid for funeral expenses.

Information line: 1-787-759-8989
Website: www.apelaciones.com/html/beneficios_acaa.html


Miss Carmen Rodriguez
1-787-725-3444, Extension 1524
E-mail: CrodriguezD@bomberos.gobierno.pr


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