Your purchase supports our mission to honor America’s fallen fire heroes; support their families, colleagues, and organizations; and work to reduce preventable firefighter death and injury.
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Safety Components, a division of the International Textile Group, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high performance fabrics for demanding environments such as structural firefighting, automotive safety, soft armor, aerospace, specialty military, hot gas filtration, clean room, and outdoor products.

Over the past decade, Safety Components has risen to become the technology leader and one of the leading suppliers of new fabrics for structural fire fighting. Through creative fabric innovation and the introduction of new fiber and finishing technologies, Safety Components has raised the bar of performance for enhanced safety in fire fighter ensembles. Outershell products such as PBI Gold Plus, PBI Matrix, Fusion, Armor 7.0, all combined with the exclusive and patented Teflon FPPE water repellent finish are market leaders in protective performance. Thermal liner solutions such as Glide II, War Glide and Chambray have all elevated firefighters freedom of movement and moisture management for added comfort and lower work stress.

As a producer of life safety products, Safety Components maintains strict quality standards and testing laboratories. As a market leader in fire fighting fabrics, we have close working relationships with all fiber and chemical suppliers worldwide as we continually seek new technologies to improve firefighter safety.

Safety Components is pleased to be a corporate partner to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. We are proud of our work in the fire fighting industry. We are especially proud to associate our company with the NFFF and the vital role they play in accident prevention and in assisting survivor families.

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