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Pass It On – Making Good Progress

Pass It On – Making Good Progress

Pass it On 3: Making Good Progress

By Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Board of Directors

Pass it On 3: Making Good ProgressFriday, April 24, 2020, at FDIC, would have been the release and book signing of our third and final Pass it On book, Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out the way we had planned and unfortunately (but appropriately) none of us are there for FDIC. My first FDIC was in 1977 and I have never missed one. When it comes to the learning, teaching and social aspects – FDIC is fantastic! So missing it this year isn’t easy-but whats done is done.

So, while we are not together physically, I am THRILLED to release Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress.

While you may be surprised to know this, I actually don’t know what’s in the book (other than my own stuff) until I get my final copy. As in the first two books, I reach out to a great range of folks and give them an opportunity to share the BEST of what they know-to “pass it on” to the newest firefighter, to the oldest chief and everyone in-between.

Everyone gives. Everyone Learns. While I do write an intro for each contributor that is based upon what I know about them, I never read what they submit until the book is done. I am thrilled to read what they have to say as much as you are.

Why don’t I read what they submit?

When I decided to do the first Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress book, I selected all great people. However, some were people that I may not have always agreed with -such as their perspective or opinions. And that is precisely why I let them write what they felt they needed to say and share – without my reading it first. If I picked people who I thought would only agree with my attitudes, opinions, perspective, philosophies and such-you would get a book of very limited scope. So I did it the way we did-and it worked really, really, well.

Thanks to each of you who own a copy of Pass it On 1 and 2, as we have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for the Deputy Chief Raymond Downey Scholarship Charity Fund, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress is no different-as 100% of my proceeds will again be donated. It should also be noted that every contributing author did the same, not making anything on this book.

I am so appreciative for the contributors for all the work they did and for the work Fire Engineering Books staff did. It’s really fantastic and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress is 520 pages from over 80 contributors providing as diverse a range of fire service based opinions and experiences as possible. Contributors include:

Dena Ali
Steve Austin
Frank Babinec
Charles Bailey
Seth Barker
Donna Black
Keith Bryant
Eddie Buchanan
Harry Carter
Steve Chikerotis
Michael Ciampo
Melanie Clark
Paul Combs
Denny Compton
Dan DeGryse
Joe DiBernardo
Chuck Downey
Joseph Downey
Michael Dugan
Brian Fennessy
Reggie Freeman
Brian Geraci
Brian Goldfeder
Bob Grabowski
Gordon Graham
Tiffany Green
Bobby Halton
Michael Hamrock
Aaron Harris
Jodie Hettrick
Charles Hood
Rudy Horist
Otto Huber
Sara Jahnke
Tom Jenkins
John A. “Jay” Jonas
Nicol Juratovac
Kara Kalkbrenner
Rick Kane
Anthony Kastros
Scott Kerwood
Rick Lasky
Jimmy Lee
Frank Leeb
Mike Lombardo
Gary Ludwig
Dan Madrzykowski
Ray Maguire
Ricky Mantey
Troy Markel
Rick Markley
Ray McCormack
Mike McEvoy
Jenny Minter
Lori Moore-Merrell
Jack Murphy
James Murtagh
P.J. Norwood
Denis Onieal
Mollie and Steve Pegram
David Polikoff
Bob Pressler
Jan Rader
Forest Reeder
David Rhodes
Frank Ricci
Tommy Richardson
Erich Roden
Joanne Rund
John Salka
Russ Sanders
Chase Sargent
Danny Sheridan
Bill Shouldis
Ron Siarnicki
Bryan Spies
Jack Sullivan
Rich Thode
John Tippett
Jerry Tracy
Nate Trauernicht
Tony Tricarico
Mike Uttaro
Frank Viscuso
James Wessel
Lee Whitehurst
Mike Wieder
Mike Wilbur
Trisha Wolford

We hope you will take some time to check out Pass It On 3 – Making Good Progress and purchase a copy.

Pass it On Books

Fire Engineering Books also offers all 3 books in a bundle