Message to the Nation’s Fire Service from Chief Ronald J. Siarnicki, Executive Director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

I’ve watched with admiration the response of the nation’s fire service these past three months. And, as always, I’ve also watched with concern for the safety of our men and women on the front lines. Whatever has been thrown your way — a pandemic, civil unrest, layoffs and furloughs – you’ve brought with you some of the deepest traditions of the fire service. You continue to put others before yourself in an effort to save lives and to protect property. Despite this unprecedented combination of challenges, your community knows they can count on you and your department.

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is the one organization charged with caring for the families of all fallen firefighters. Our mission also includes a focus on keeping firefighters safe. We urge each of you and your department to remain ever watchful and do all you can to return to your families safe and healthy. With that in mind, we’ve put together some important resources that may help you in the coming days, weeks and months: