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Kids Camp Attendees Treated to Mountaintop Adventure

Kids Camp Attendees Treated to Mountaintop Adventure

2022 Kids Camp
2022 Kids Camp
Kids Camp gives grieving children a chance to “just be children.” For children who experience the loss of a primary loved one, dealing with grief can be a monumental challenge. When that loved one was a firefighter who sacrificed his/her life in the line of duty, those affected share a unique bond. Combining traditional camp fun with therapeutic benefits, Kids Camp gives them the added strength to meet that challenge together. In June 2022, over forty campers between the ages of 4 – 17 gathered in majestic Colorado Springs for an incredible three-day adventure—forging new friendships, boosting confidence, and learning valuable coping skills to help deal with their losses. For eleven years, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has partnered with Comfort Zone Camp to provide children of fallen firefighters with a safe, therapeutic environment in which to heal. Dedicated to the memory of Hal Bruno, the camp is free-of-charge for children, and also includes panel and roundtable discussions to help support parents and caregivers.

Five-Star Reviews from Campers

98% want to come back to camp again!


96% of Campers Agree…

  • “Healing Circles” (grief support groups) taught them the benefit of sharing their feelings
  • They are feeling better after coming to camp
  • Now they’d like to help others who are grieving


2022 Kids Camp

Through sharing stories and having open discussions about their losses, campers find comfort in community. At Kids Camp, the building blocks of connection and understanding lay the groundwork for new insights and lasting relationships.

Volunteers Trained in Grief Counseling Matched with Campers

2022 Kids Camp

Grief is a multi-layered and complex emotional struggle—and Kids Camp provides invaluable tools designed to help each individual camper. Their losses could be as recent as three months or as long ago as five years or more; their loved ones include parents, stepparents, and siblings. All of these relationships cast a different shadow of grief.

  •  To ensure that every camper has the best possible experience, a specially trained Big Buddy volunteer was carefully matched with each child to provide individualized care.
  •  Campers also participated in grief support groups called Healing Circles. Led by professional grief therapists, these are designed to meet campers’ specific needs, facilitating bonding and greater understanding.

Volunteers from all over the country – a total of 46 – donated their time before and during camp to help ensure a successful outcome for each and every child.


2022 Kids Camp

Two Age-Specific Tracks for Kids

Camp HAL (Healing After Loss) focuses on young children from ages 4-6. It offers programs led by a licensed therapist that utilizes play therapy and expressive therapy for children who are grieving.

Comfort Zone Camp is designed for children ages 7-17 (18 if still in HS). It features programming that empowers older children to grieve, heal, and grow.


Program Impact Moments

  •  Icebreaker Games
  •  Big Buddy Share
  •  Healing Circles
  •  Confidence Course
  •  Art Therapy
  •  Circle of Remembrance
2022 Kids Camp

One – among many – impressive statistics from Kids Camp attendees stands out: 96% of campers responded they were interested in helping others cope with grief. In fact, Kids Camp is so much more than a once-a-year opportunity for personal growth and education – it is a building block for a community that infuses young people with a renewed sense of purpose.

What better way to honor the memory of a loved one dedicated to service than by continuing the powerful and life-changing legacy of helping others in need?

2022 Kids Camp


Hal Bruno

Hal Bruno Kids Camp honors the memory of the former chairman of NFFF, who was dedicated to helping survivors heal and rebuild their lives. The camp is open to children, stepchildren, and siblings who’ve experienced the tragic death of a firefighter parent, sibling or legal guardian who has been honored or is approved to be honored at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, MD.