Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light – The Department

A tribute to FDNY Firefighter Carmelo ‘Carmine’ Puccia

The podcast is a two-part installment and tells Firefighter Puccia’s story through the recollections of the two groups most affected by his loss: his family and his department. Viewers and listeners will gain insight into Firefighter Puccia as a husband, father, and firefighter—and witness FDNY’s solid determination that we will never forget.

A conversation with Captain Brendan Connolly, Lieutenant Brian McNamara, and retired FDNY captain Ed Ireland, who was Firefighter Puccia’s probie school partner—and the firefighter FF Puccia relieved on that fateful night.

Looking back fifty years reflects the FDNY’s commitment to ‘We Never Forget’ and we strive to evolve to be a better Department. This is a perfect length for a company drill—to understand the evolution of where we were and where we are now. Chief Frank Leeb, FDNY
Carmelo J. Puccia

We Remember

Carmelo “Carmine” J. Puccia

Firefighter Carmelo “Carmine” J. Puccia, age 32, of the Fire Department City of New York – Engine Company 53, made the supreme sacrifice while operating on the subway tracks at Manhattan Box 1236 on January 6, 1970.