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The Life and Death of FDNY Firefighter Carmelo Puccia: A New Podcast from NFFF

The Life and Death of FDNY Firefighter Carmelo Puccia: A New Podcast from NFFF

FDNY Firefighter Carmelo “Carmine” Puccia was killed tragically on January 6, 1970, when he was struck by a subway train while investigating a trash fire on the tracks. His death was mourned, and then it passed into history for nearly everyone—except the family he left behind and some of his closest co-workers. Flash forward to 2019. Captain Brendan Connolly, assigned to the FDNY’s Subway and Extrication Unit, became aware of Firefighter Puccia’s tragic death. He pledged to memorialize Firefighter Puccia’s sacrifice by dedicating the FDNY’s subway training prop to Firefighter Puccia. The incredible work of Captain Connolly and his staff—along with the story of who Firefighter Carmelo Puccia was—is captured in the NFFF’s latest podcast, After Action Review Series—Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light. The podcast is a two-part installment and tells Firefighter Puccia’s story through the recollections of the two groups most affected by his loss: his family and his department. Viewers and listeners will gain insight into Firefighter Puccia as a husband, father, and firefighter—and witness FDNY’s solid determination that we will never forget.

Episode 1: The Family

A sit-down with Firefighter Puccia’s widow Jane and daughters Isabel and Janey—hosted by FDNY Lieutenant Joe Minogue (ret.), who now serves as FDNY liaison to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Episode 2: The Department

A conversation with Captain Connolly, Lieutenant Brian McNamara, and retired FDNY captain Ed Ireland, who was Firefighter Puccia’s probie school partner—and the firefighter FF Puccia relieved on that fateful night.