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Quackenbush Warehouse Fire – Paterson Fire Department Today

Quackenbush Warehouse Fire – Paterson Fire Department Today

Paterson Fire Department Today

At the Quackenbush Warehouse Fire on March 12, 1938, Paterson, New Jersey, lost five of its bravest. Deputy Chief James P. Sweeney, Captain John Davenport, Fireman Louis Rodeski, Fireman Matthew O’Neill, and Fireman William Lynch died fighting the four-alarm blaze.

This two-part podcast features Fire Chief Brian McDermott of today’s Paterson Fire Department. The interview revealed several interesting points, including Paterson’s unique approach to the rehabilitation of vacant and abandoned buildings.

The second segment provides a closer look at how Paterson Fire Department operates today—and how it responds to challenges that are common to many fire departments.

Looking back fifty years reflects the FDNY’s commitment to ‘We Never Forget’ and we strive to evolve to be a better department. This is a perfect length for a company drill—to understand the evolution of where we were and where we are now.