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NFFF Sponsor Spotlight

Meet The Knox Company


About The Knox Company

Since 1975, the Knox Company has successfully developed innovative rapid access solutions for first responders with products that provide fast, safe, and secure entry into commercial, industrial, and residential properties while minimizing damage and maximizing safety. Today, more than 15,000 fire, EMS, and law enforcement departments depend on Knox products to gain access into over 1 million buildings/properties. 

Knox is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, and is a woman-owned company.

How The Knox Company became interested in supporting the NFFF

The NFFF is a group that Chris Rovenstine, Knox’s vice president of sales and marketing, has long supported, beginning with his earlier days at Kidde. Chris brought Joni Trempala, Knox owner and president, to her first Memorial Weekend in 2018. From then on, Joni was hooked. One of Joni’s passions is supporting all first responders, especially firefighters, and Joni committed that supporting the NFFF would be at the top of her philanthropic efforts.

The support of the NFFF is also consistent with one of the company’s primary objectives – to reduce the risk of injury to firefighters. Knox products reduce the need for forced entries, often leading to unnecessary injuries. Additionally, products such as Knox FDC and standpipe caps, reduce the risk of debris and vandalism of the FDC and standpipe connections, which help ensure the proper use of the automatic sprinkler systems and provide firefighters with a strong, reliable flow of water to extinguish the fire. The Knox Remote Power Box is another example, as it allows firefighters to easily and quickly turn off the power to the structure.

The Knox Company has generously supported the NFFF for the past five years

The success of Knox can be directly attributed to our nation’s firefighters and fire departments. Fire departments have been Knox ambassadors in their jurisdictions as they help educate building owners and property managers about the importance of Knox products and how they relate to rapid access.  It is probably the most unique partnership between the fire service and a manufacturer. Knox values and takes great pride in this partnership.  Giving back to an organization whose mission is so critical makes the decision to support the NFFF an easy one.

3 things the NFFF community should know about The Knox Company

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