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Tanisha Hall

Tanisha Hall says that gratitude is one of the most essential components to receiving blessings and shifting our perspective on life. She challenges us intentionally write down/post what you are grateful for, no matter how big or small for the for the next 30 days including #30DaysofGratitude.

Gratitude Growing from Grief and Loss

Sylvia Kratzke and Heather DePaolo-Johnny

As you work through your grief and begin to resume your everyday life, the absurdity of the petty squabbling world around you becomes glaringly apparent. What is truly important becomes crystal clear. And that feeling stays with you as you continue your journey through grief, day by day, moving forward to new life, your first reason to be grateful.

Seeds of Gratitude

Juliann Ashcraft

Watch Juliann Ashcraft, wife of Granite Mountain Hotshot Andrew Ashcraft (2013-AZ), gave a beautiful talk about her family’s gratitude journey after Andrew’s death.