Eddie J. Johnson Jr.

Eddie J. Johnson Jr.

Fire Chief Eddie Johnson was killed in a motor vehicle accident on October 20, 2014, while responding to the scene of a reported structure fire.

Eddie was the fire chief of the Alton Volunteer Fire Department. He was also a full-time city police officer. He loved his job, and he loved the fire department. Whether it was as a police officer or a fire chief, he loved to help out his community any way he could. The day he died he was on his way to try to help a family save their home. I believe he died doing what he was so passionate about.

Eddie’s hobbies were collecting baseball cards and hot wheel cars. He loved to raise chickens and go to auctions. He also loved NASCAR racing, and his favorite race car driver was Kyle Busch.

I, Venita, was married to Eddie for 24 years. We have three kids, Victoria, Misty, and a son, Jordan. Eddie loved his kids more than life itself.

Tim L. Lewis

Submitted by his sister

Tim Lewis started with the Alton fire department on May 17‚ 1992‚ taking on the dream job of a lifetime. He served on the department for 5 months and 7 days‚ before giving his life in his first real fire when a wall gave way‚ causing the house to collapse.

Although firefighting was an important part of his life‚ other interests included martial arts‚ spending time with his family‚ and enjoying life in every way possible. He had the talent of pulling people together with little effort and is best remembered by his family for this.

He enjoyed playing with nieces and nephews‚ rough housing and causing mayhem….and was much loved. The son of Clarence and Doris Lewis‚ he was the youngest of 10 siblings‚ 9 of whom survived him at the time of his death: Gene Lewis‚ Sue Lewis‚ Bob Lewis‚ Mary Phipps‚ Bill Lewis‚ Judy Calvin‚ Scott Lewis‚ and Ray Lewis‚ all of whom miss their little brother.

Gary S. Porter

There is no profile listed for this fallen firefighter.