Christopher B. Hunton

Christopher B. Hunton

Submitted by his mother

Brian was known to his family‚ friends & fellow firefighters by many names‚ including Bubba‚ Mustang‚ Lubbock‚ and finally as Shrek.

Brian enjoyed most sports. He hunted and fished with his father for many years. In his last hunting season‚ his little sister joined them. His greatest love was baseball. He played in one league or another for 20 years.

Brian graduated from Amarillo College Firefighter Academy in 2002. Shortly thereafter he joined the Randall County Volunteer Fire Department. The Amarillo Fire Department hired him in March of 2003. He served at both departments until his death on April 25‚ 2005. While working as a firefighter he attended class at the National Fire Academy in Maryland‚ the Weapons of Mass Destruction & Hazard Materials class in Alabama‚ and the National Incident Management System at Texas A&M.

Brian truly loved being a firefighter and was dedicated to serving his fellow man. His family & friends will keep him in their hearts forever.

Kenneth A. Caldwell

Kenneth A. Caldwell

Submitted by a member of his department

Kenneth Albert Caldwell
Born – December 21‚ 1952
Died – August 16‚ 1982

Became a member of the AFD on September 2‚ 1980.

Nicknamed ‘Kenny the Kid’

Kenny died August 16‚ 1982 from injuries he suffered fighting a fire that took place at the Badger Apartments – July 18‚ 1982. These apartments were located at 11th & South Jackson in Amarillo and it was later determined that the cause of the blaze was arson.