Ernest Heatherman

Ernest  Heatherman

Submitted by his wife

Ernest Heatherman was a great father and husband‚ but his next favorite place to be was his 2nd home‚ the fire station‚ helping out wherever needed. He passed away Feb. 16‚ 2004‚ about an hour after a fire call.

Ernest was a six year member of the Brisben Fire Dept. We came a long way in such a short time‚ while he was with us. He was fire police captain and he was an active member of the Chenango County Fire Police Assn.

He made a lot of friends while at the fire dept. He never went by anybody that needed help. It’s just the kind of guy he was.

In his spare time he would work on cars or trucks and was a full time worker at Felchars factory. He never let his family down‚ even when one job ended‚ he went out and found another. I can’t tell you how much he is missed. He never complained about anything or anyone. He lived for the day.

Ernie was so devoted to me‚ Karen‚ his wife of 15 years. He had four of the best girls ever‚ he loved them equally. They are all still home: Brandi‚ Jamiee‚ Harlee‚ and Courtney. He is truly missed by all‚ but they all know that he was doing the job he loved the most. So if it had to happen he was at the best place for him to go.

The Brisben Fire Dept. started a memorial poker run in his name and many attended the first year. You can see how he touched so many lives. His wife and children planted a tree in his name‚ Eastern Redwood: many heart shaped leaves on it‚ because he was loved so much.

Ernie’s daughter‚ Brandi‚ after he passed went into the same dept. that her father was. That’s the way he would want it. Even if he’s not here‚ they are still working together at the Brisben Fire Dept. She also started EMT classes‚ which he wanted to pass when he was here. Maybe the legend will live on.