Mark T. Urban

Mark T. Urban

Mark T. Urban (1973 – 2013) was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, to Tom and Pam Urban. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts—Amherst with a degree in building materials and wood technologies. After college, Mark served in the Massachusetts Air National Guard for eight years as an A-10 mechanic.

Mark began his career as a wildland firefighter in 1999, working for the U.S. Forest Service in California. In 2001, the Black Mountain Hotshot Crew, an elite firefighting crew known for its hard work ethic, brought Mark into its ranks. Mark’s positive attitude and toughness made him a natural fit.

In 2003, Mark continued his firefighting career with the Boise BLM Smokejumpers. Once again Mark excelled, rising to the challenge of parachuting into wildland fires.

Mark served as a BLM Smokejumper for 11 years. He was appointed lead rookie trainer, passing on his attention to detail, firefighting prowess, and leadership skills to incoming recruits. In 2012, Mark was promoted to a smokejumper spotter position. Mark’s positive impact upon the Boise BLM Smokejumper Program will be felt for many years to come.

Mark leaves behind his loving wife, Rebecca, his parents, sister, extended family, and brethren in the wildland firefighting community. Mark will be remembered for his adventurous spirit, his unquestionable integrity, and his great enthusiasm for life.