Christopher Michael Jaros

Christopher Michael Jaros

Submitted by his Wife

Christopher Jaros died in an automobile accident en route to the Ceredo Fire Station on April 7‚ 2007. The weather in early April 2007 was unusually cold‚ and the roads were hazardous due to snow. There were several accidents that night‚ and Chris was headed to the station to answer the call for a fatality accident. Unfortunately‚ there was black ice on the bridge he crossed over‚ and he lost control of his truck. He departed this life at the scene.

Chris was a devoted husband to Sara and a loving father to his daughters‚ Lauren‚ Skylar‚ and Taylor. Chris met Sara at the Ramey Home for troubled kids‚ where he was a childcare worker.

Chris joined the Ceredo Volunteer Fire Department in the spring of 2004 and previously served in the Summit-Ironville Volunteer Fire Department. He always enjoyed helping family‚ friends‚ and others‚ which was the impetus for him serving the community through the volunteer fire service. Chris was always ready to do what was needed at the fire department and had forged many strong friendships with fellow firefighters.

Along with serving the Ceredo Volunteer Fire Department‚ Chris was an oven operator at AK Steel‚ where he made his living‚ and was going to be starting a new position the Monday after he died.

Chris enjoyed taking his family on short trips to spend time with them. They liked to go to Gatlinburg‚ Tennessee; zoos; and to take the girls to theme parks. He also liked to golf‚ watch the girls play soccer‚ do some hunting and a bit of camping. He was handy at home improvement and liked the satisfaction of taking something that needed a little renovation and turning it into a much nicer area.

Chris was a born again Christian. He made his profession of faith as a nine-year-old and made certain of his salvation in his later teen years. He had a desire to see people trust Christ as their Savior and for his family to serve the Lord. He started attending Fellowship Baptist Church in early 2007 and joined a few weeks before he died. He had a good testimony after rededicating his life to Christ.

Chris is with the Lord now‚ but in this life‚ he was a good husband‚ loving father‚ a son in whom his parents were well pleased‚ a good provider‚ a loyal friend and a dedicated public servant in the service of the Ceredo Volunteer Fire Department.