Walter C. Sumner

Walter C. Sumner

Walt was born October 6‚ 1962‚ in Erie‚ Pennsylvania‚ to Alfred and Janice Sumner. He grew up in Springfield‚ Pennsylvania‚ with his parents and his sister‚ Tammy.

He loved working on trucks‚ riding his dune buggy and four-wheelers‚ and occasionally fishing with his father-in-law‚ Ed.

Walt married his high school girlfriend‚ Jeannette‚ in 1986. They had two daughters‚ Stephanie and Allison.

If Walt wasn’t working‚ you could find him at the fire hall‚ either running calls or just hanging out doing anything that needed to be done. He was so proud to have been part of the department. We often teased him about spending so much time there‚ that we were going to put a recliner there so he wouldn’t have to leave.

Walt was also proud to have his son-in-law‚ Dennis Blood‚ in his life. Finally another male so he wasn’t outnumbered‚ until his beautiful granddaughter‚ Layla‚ was born. He would volunteer to help the kids fix up their house‚ and instead he would sit and hold the baby for hours.

He had many friends and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.