Cecilia R. Turnbough

Cecilia R. Turnbough

Submitted by her Husband

On November 9‚ 2008‚ EMT Cecilia Turnbough of the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department died during a routine training exercise as part of an entry level firefighter certification class. The training‚ held at the Prince William County Public Safety Training Center in Nokesville‚ Virginia‚ involved maneuvering through a maze and was conducted with no smoke or fire. EMT Turnbough was transported by the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue to Prince William Hospital‚ where she was treated and later pronounced dead.

Cecilia was a certified EMT and had served as a volunteer for the past eight years with the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department. She had recently begun training to expand her capabilities to include firefighting.

Cecilia is survived by her husband‚ Captain Chris Turnbough‚ of the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department; and by her three children‚ Richard‚ age 20‚ who is serving in the U.S. Navy; Rebecca‚ age 13; and Jack‚ age 11.

I think this memorial should be a joyful one‚ and not a mournful one.

My mom was one of the most amazing people I have ever met and will probably ever meet. She spent her life caring for others. She never put herself before others. She would often go out of her way to reach those who were in need. She was also often a counselor when the times called for it. I knew I could come to her no matter what the reason or circumstance. I loved her with all my heart and will truly miss her.

She has touched and helped so many‚ not only in the fire department‚ but also at Mount Vernon where she worked and was a first responder. She would help young‚ old or the lost. It didn’t matter; she was there.

She is our guardian angel‚ and now also lives on with our brother’s baby‚ named her after our mom‚ Cecilia.

While my Mom is not here in the flesh‚ she is definitely here in spirit. She will always be in our hearts. So much of the person I will become will be traced directly to her. So in a way I am the walking embodiment of CECILIA ROBLES TURNBOUGH‚ as we all are. While we live‚ she still lives on.

I cannot grieve too much today‚ because she is not just all around me‚ she is a part of me. She is not gone. She is in the air. She is in each breath I take. She is in every step I take. She is integrated inside me. Knowing this‚ we can make it through her passing.