Christ K. Swan

Christ Swan

Christ Kasseen Swan (“Chris”) was born on December 23, 1956, to the late James and Rosemary Swan, in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris and his sister, Estella, were raised in a strong religious home. Like his father, who served in the United States Marine Corps, Chris wanted to serve others and had a “burning” desire from an early age to become a firefighter.

Chris attended St. Joseph High School in Atlanta and DeVry Institute of Technology, where he earned a degree in electronics and computer technology. He served as a police officer and an EMT. His firefighting career began in 1980 when he joined the DeKalb County Fire and Rescue Department as a firefighter/EMT. Chris loved his profession and flourished; he received many commendations for his valor.

In 1985, Chris joined Lockheed Martin Fire Department, where he received numerous certifications. During his tenure at Lockheed, he served as a firefighter and fire inspector. Chris was ambitious, driven, and a hard worker. He was well thought of on the job. His peers elected him to represent them as shop steward. Chris had a strong bond with his fellow firefighters and considered them as brothers and sisters.

Chris loved helping others. He supported many charities, but what he found most rewarding were his random acts of kindness, such as purchasing groceries for mothers in need, assisting college students, and providing emergency funds for others. He was charismatic and would light up a room with his smile. He had a trademark laughter that was endearing and warm.

Chris wore many hats: husband, father, firefighter, mentor, chef, comedian, coach, friend, and cheerleader. He enjoyed life and considered each day a gift. Chris was incredible, thoughtful, and supportive. An awesome dad, he was extremely close with his children. They spent a lot of time together, especially when watching the latest action or SCIFI themed movie.

Chris had many interests. He was an avid reader who enjoyed a good debate. He was a great chess player and loved various sports. He liked working on computers, traveling, and had varied taste in music.

Chris left an indelible imprint on the many lives he touched. He showed us how to be of service to others, how to love unconditionally, and how to be a good neighbor. Chris is gone, but not forgotten. We salute him as our hero. We admire his courage and strength and miss him dearly.

He is survived by his wife, Faith; children, Dante, Christian, Alexander, and Ashley; nieces, Bernice and Myra; other relatives and numerous friends. All our lives have been enriched for having known Chris. He has left this world a better place and will remain in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, our dear, sweet loved one!