Nicholas V. Picozzi II

Nicholas V. Picozzi II

Submitted by his Wife

Nick Picozzi was born in Chester‚ Pennsylvania‚ on September 17‚ 1972‚ the only son of Nick and Nancy. He was raised in Lower Chichester with his younger sister‚ Helena‚ whom he was very protective of. Nick played Little League baseball as a child. His other interests growing up were karate‚ ice hockey‚ hunting‚ and fishing. He passed all those interests along to his children.

He graduated in 1991 from Chichester High School and attended Folcroft Technical School for masonry. At age 22‚ Nick married Stephanie. They had two beautiful‚ healthy sons‚ Anthony and Daniel.

When he was in his late 20s‚ Nick joined the Lower Chichester Volunteer Fire Company‚ a passion he had always wanted to fulfill. He served as a trainer for the junior firefighters and was a trustee‚ an engineer and‚ most recently‚ a lieutenant. He also joined the Boothwyn Fire Company as a volunteer because he loved to serve and protect his township and surrounding communities.

In his downtime‚ he loved to sing karaoke to his favorite country music. He enjoyed watching hockey and rooting for his favorite team‚ the Philadelphia Flyers. He loved to spend time outdoors‚ hunting and fishing and taking his boys and nieces and nephews to teach them and just hang out. He recently became a NASCAR fan.

Nick was very headstrong and aggressive at accomplishing any goal he set out to do. Anyone who met Nick would have never forgotten him with his carefree‚ get along with anybody attitude. He could be seen getting his daily coffee at Wawa‚ where he went behind the counter and got his own ‘Fresh Hot Coffee’ like he owned the store!

He loved to cook on the grill in the summer and hosted many barbecues with family and friends. He enjoyed mentoring the kids in the family and in the neighborhood. He was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Day or night‚ you knew you could always count on Nick.

On March 5‚ 2008‚ Nick became trapped in the basement while battling a house fire in Aston‚ Pennsylvania. He succumbed to the fire.

He left behind his wife of almost 14 years‚ Stephanie‚ and two young sons‚ Anthony (12) and Danny (10). His heart belonged to his boys. Although fighting fires was a passion‚ his true passion was his family. He shared a special bond with his sister-in-law‚ Jennifer‚ whose children looked up to him as a role model.

Nick was greatly loved and cared for by all who knew him‚ and he will be forever missed and never forgotten. Anyone who knew him was blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet a true hero.

Submitted by a Past Chief

Nicholas Picozzi was a 7 year member of the Lower Chichester Fire Company and was serving as Lieutenant at the time of his death.

He is survived by his wife‚ Stephanie; two sons‚ Anthony and Daniel and his parents Nick and Nancy.