Wayne C. Turner

Wayne C. Turner

Submitted by his wife

Wayne’s first love‚ after his family‚ was flying‚ and he always felt at home when he was in the air. He maintained a commercial pilot’s license for the last forty years. He owned and operated his own flying service and was on his second season of aerial fire fighting. He was killed on June 17th fighting fire in the Dameron Valley‚ Utah.

Wayne was extremely active in the community and the schools‚ and always enjoyed the time he spent with the kids of Big Sandy. Some of his favorite activities were coaching‚ wrestling and the Science Olympiad. We also enjoyed taking in 10 exchange students plus numerous other kids.

Wayne was also a volunteer fireman for 29 years‚ EMT‚ city council member‚ 32nd degree Mason and Shriner. He had endless amounts of energy and loved the outdoors. He was funny‚ enthusiastic‚ hard working‚ intelligent‚ and even sometimes handsome‚ but most of all he was ‘neat inside’. Wayne was always ready with a quick joke‚ a smile and a big bear hug. He was caring and compassionate and was always reaching out to others in need. It didn’t matter if he had known you five years or five minutes; he was always ready to help. He was still a child at heart and was never too busy to have a good ‘romp’ with one of his grandkids. He was affectionately known as ‘that crazy Grandpa Wayne’. He will be missed by all who had the honor of knowing him.

He was survived by his wife of 37 years‚ Jan; two children‚ Trina (Chad) Salois) and Jeff (Kristie) Turner; a foster son‚ Daniel (Heather) Adams; ten exchange students; eight grandchildren; his mother‚ Edith Turner; sisters; brother and many aunts‚ nieces and nephews.

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