Robert E. McLaughlin

Robert E. McLaughlin

Submitted by his Wife

Robert McLaughlin died from injuries suffered during surf rescue training.

At the age of 16‚ he was a resident volunteer firefighter for the Silverdale Fire Department.

Rob served two years as a paid Firefighter/Paramedic and six years as Captain/Paramedic with Ocean Shores Fire Department. During his years of service‚ he was also an acting Fire Marshal‚ Assistant Chief‚ and Surf Rescue Team member.

Rob dedicated himself to making his department the best it could be. He was always working‚ even on his days off – looking for opportunities to train and improve upon the department. He strove to improve morale through participation in department activities‚ and he implemented training programs that had not previously been offered at our small department.

He was involved in the department’s annual Halloween Carnival‚ Easter Egg Hunt‚ adopt-a-family at Christmas program‚ the North Beach High School Scholarship program‚ MDA Boot Drive‚ Harley Weekend‚ pancake breakfast‚ egg drop for Ocean Shores Elementary School‚ and the fire prevention program for local elementary schools.

Rob was very instrumental in starting the Grays Harbor County Firefighter 1 training academy‚ where he was a head instructor. He also taught search and rescue for the North Bend Fire Academy and was an instructor for the Grays Harbor paramedic program. He was named 2006 Grays Harbor Firefighter of the Year.

At the age of 18‚ he enlisted in the Army as a Recon/Sniper team leader.

He was a Babe Ruth Little League baseball coach. He loved to go hunting and fishing and spent as much time as he could outdoors. He also enjoyed restoring old jeeps‚ collecting firearms‚ target and skeet shooting‚ spending time with his family‚ camping‚ and traveling to different places in the US.

He is survived by his wife‚ Christine; daughters‚ Christa Hoff-McLaughlin and Katalin McLaughlin; and son‚ Robert Killian McLaughlin.

Rob saved countless lives and touched even more during his time with us. He had a skill and assurance on and off the job that will be difficult to imitate. His gentle heart‚ quick wit‚ and infectious grin will be missed.

Rob McLaughlin is missed deeply by his family‚ his fire family‚ and the community which he proudly served and to which he dedicated his life.