Norman Almond

Norman Almond‚ 46‚ a career firefighter with the Parsons Fire Department‚ was electrocuted along with Firefighter Craig Daniel Brown when their extension ladder came into contact with power lines at a Parsons church on November 24‚ 1998. Almond had been with the department for 20 years.

Craig Daniel Brown

Craig Daniel Brown

Submitted by his wife

Craig proudly served nearly 7 years with the department. He loved his job and all sorts of outdoor activities. Hunting‚ fishing‚ camping‚ and boating were a few of his favorites. At the time of his death‚ survivors at home were his daughter Kalee‚ age 2 1/2 (now 10) and wife‚ Kristi pregnant with twins‚ Katlin and Colton‚ now age 7.

Submitted by his sister

Craig Brown is missed by his wife Kristi and (3) children Kalee‚ Katlin and Colton. He is also missed by his mother Jane‚ his father Danny (now deceased) and his sister Cathy.