Kenneth D. Marshall Jr.

Kenneth D. Marshall Jr.

Kenny was born on December 3‚ 1976‚ to Kenneth and Rhonda Marshall. He graduated from Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School in 1995. He was a third generation firefighter on the Rehoboth Fire Department. He was also an EMT. His father‚ Ken‚ and grandfather‚ George‚ are both retired members of the Rehoboth Fire Department. Kenny’s brother‚ Jonathan‚ is also on the fire department. While responding to a call on Thanksgiving night‚ Kenny had a fatal heart attack when he was pulling the engine out of the station.

Kenny was always lending people a hand when he had the time. A family man‚ he also loved spending time with his two children. He enjoyed fishing and hunting. He also enjoyed going to watch all of the activities that his children were involved in. He enjoyed our family trip to New Hampshire that we took every summer. Kenny worked as a heavy equipment operator for J.H. Lynch.

Kenny’s children‚ Brianna and Trevor‚ loved going to the station with their daddy on Sunday mornings for tone test‚ just like he did when he was a kid. Whenever Daddy went on a fire call‚ they wanted to go with him to watch. The kids thought it was cool if the tone went off while we were out‚ so that way we could go and watch from the car. They love the fire trucks.

Kenny is survived by his wife‚ Bethany; his 6-year-old daughter‚ Brianna; and his 3-year-old son‚ Trevor. He is also survived by his parents‚ brother‚ grandparents‚ in-laws‚ aunts‚ uncles‚ nephews‚ and cousins.

He is greatly missed by everyone.