Mark F. McCormack

Submitted by his wife

Biography ofMark Francis McCormackDOB: August 22‚ 1968


Graduated from San Clemente High School‚ San Clemente‚ CA in June 1986

Attended various community colleges‚ taking general education‚ paramedicine‚ and fire technology courses.

Additional professional certifications: California State Fire Marshal Certificate – Fire Officer Certified CSTI Hazardous Materials Specialist Paramedic


Santa Clara County Fire Department:
(December 2004 – Present)
Fire Captain/Paramedic. Special Operations Task Force.
Training Division Instructor. Joint Fire Academy Instructor.
Driver Operator Instructor.

Santa Clara County Fire Department:
(June 1999 – December 2004)
Firefighter/Engineer/Paramedic. Special Operations Task Force.

CDF/San Mateo County Fire Department:
(November 1997 – February 1999)

CDF/Riverside County Fire Department:
(December 1991 – November 1997)
Firefighter II/Paramedic.

Goodhew Ambulance Service‚ Riverside County:
(February 1991 – March 1995)

Orange County Fire Department:
(April 1989 – March 1997)
Paid Call Firefighter‚ Engineer‚ Captain


County Fire Honor Guard Member

County Fire committees Mark has been actively involved with:

Chairperson of the Safety Committee

Accident Review Board Member

Apparatus Committee

Received an Award of Valor in recognition of Mark’s contribution to the Santa Clara County Fire Department and the communities it serves on March 24‚ 2001.

Received letters of thanks and gratitude for his service to the Santa Clara County Fire Department.


Volunteer Camp Counselor‚ Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation


Spending time with wife‚ Heather going to Giants games‚ wine tasting and traveling.

The Fire Department and the Fire Dept family. Would come by the stations on his days off.

Restoring his classic 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Started to pursue a pilots license to fly airplanes.

Survived by:

Wife Heather McCormack‚ Father Jack McCormack‚ Mother Shirley McCormack‚ Stepmother Barbara McCormack‚ Sister Tracy Cassimus‚ Sister Leslie McCormack‚ Brother Brian McCormack‚ Stepsister Lauralyn Loynes‚ Stepbrother Troy Hoidal‚ Grandparents Edward and Virginia McCormack‚ Eleanor Twigg.

Always had a great big smile on his face!!!