Jimmy Lee Davis Sr.

Jimmy Lee Davis Sr.

Submitted by Jimmy Lee Davis Jr.
Captain‚ Jacksonville Fire Department

Jimmy Lee Davis Sr. was born on October 1st‚ 1946 on Grants Creek Road in Jacksonville N.C. He was the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters and came from a very hard working and tight knit family and community. At an early age everyone knew there was something special about Jimmy. He had a great work ethic and believed that if you work hard good things will come. He had a wonderful and kind heart‚ helping anyone that needed help. He had a joy for life and enjoyed fellowship with others.

Jimmy married Betty Long on April 12th‚ 1972 and they were still married on the day of his passing. Jimmy and Betty decided to build a home and raise their son in the Grants Creek Community were Jimmy had lived his whole life. Jimmy was a member of the Grants Creek Baptist church since his childhood. He served on many boards in the church and was an ordained Deacon. He loved the Lord and his church and would spend countless hours helping others. Almost every year he and other members of the church would travel out of state to help others in need. He always believed that we are here to help others and we should do whatever we can to make a difference.

Jimmy helped with the White Oak Little League for many years as a coach and as the president for the last 4 years. He loved working with the kids and the fellowship it gave families. He enjoyed cooking at the ballpark so that the kids and parents could have something to eat during the late night games. Jimmy received countless awards and praise for his community service to the White Oak Little League.

Jimmy joined the White Oak Vol. Fire Department in 1985. He truly enjoyed the fire department and the brotherhood that it has. He enjoyed answering the calls no matter what time of day or night it was. Jimmy was the Vice President of the WOVFD and was in charge of fundraising for the department. Every year he would have the Annual Turkey Shoot that people would come from all over the county to enjoy the food and the fellowship. Jimmy also had many positions on the suppression side of the fire department. He was a firefighter‚ captain‚ asst. chief and he had just made chief of the department 2 weeks before he passed away answering a call. He loved the fire department and the communities it served.

Jimmy never met a stranger and if you ever had a chance to meet him or talk to him for a while you always be left with a smile on your face. Jimmy was a giver – he gave to his family who he loved dearly. He gave to his community and he gave to the Lord and his church.

Jimmy Lee Davis Sr. was a kind‚ wonderful and gentle man with a big heart. He touched the lives of so many and will be missed not only by his family‚ but by the community he served so unselfishly. Jimmy was a husband‚ father‚ grandfather and great grandfather. I am extremely proud to be his son.

Steven Eric Vanderpool Jr.

Steven Eric Vanderpool Jr.

Submitted by his Wife

Eric was extremely dedicated! The fire department was his life. He made sure they were ready for the next call and was always the last to leave. They never had to ask for a volunteer‚ because he was always there‚ ready to do anything. It gave him a purpose in life and made him feel proud. He would swell with pride every time he put on his uniform. He was on top of the world when he was on the job.

In addition to his service with White Oak‚ he was also involved with the West Liberty Volunteer Fire Department‚ the Caney Valley Volunteer Fire Department‚ and the Morgan County Volunteer Rescue Squad. West Liberty Chief John Conley said‚ ‘Eric was always willing and ready to do anything. He was glad to be in the background. He didn’t need to be in the spotlight.’

At home‚ Eric‚ as he was always called‚ was a dedicated husband to his wife‚ Misty‚ and a beloved son to his mom and dad. Although they were his grandparents‚ he loved them as much as anyone ever could. Having been married for three years‚ he and Misty were trying to have a family. They were foster parents who were waiting on a child they could love as their own and for whom they could provide a forever home.

Eric was just as dedicated to his family as he was to his fire department. He helped his mother-in-law build a home from the ground up‚ inside and out. He was a gifted handyman. Being a jack of all trades‚ he was always helping his extended family with plumbing‚ electrical‚ or building. He enjoyed building computers and was a Ham radio operator. He was very passionate about carpentry and electrical work. Most of all‚ he was a proud firefighter; firefighting was his passion.

The day that he wrecked changed his family forever. It is like the heart had been taken out and misplaced. He was in a coma for 14 days before he passed away. He was surrounded by family and friends‚ with his wife at his bedside and members of the fire department there. You could tell he was a vital part of his community and family.