John A. Beyer

John A. Beyer

Submitted by his Chief

John A. Beyer
Wilson Fire Company No.1 – New York
Classification: Firefighter / EMT-B
Date of Death: September 22‚ 2006
Age: 38

John possessed a tender soul. Throughout his life he had an interest in helping people through their trials and tribulations. He was always a peacemaker and often reminded those in conflict that God made everyone and we are here to demonstrate kindness and love toward one another. As a child his favorite toys‚ were anything that related to the fire department‚ and he always was interested in those professions where he could be of service to people. While he was in high school‚ his parish priest took note of his spiritual gifts and asked him to consider the seminary which he ultimately decided was not for him because he wanted to raise a family. During the next two decades (post high school) he was always searching to find a conduit to use his ability to help others and it was in Wilson‚ NY that he was able to fulfill his purpose in life.

It was after John married and settled down as a family man that he decided at the age of 34 to try out‚ the fire service and what emergency services had to offer. John had a deep passion to find goodness in every person and to try to help that person see that goodness in him or her selves. By joining the fire service and being active in as many aspects of this service‚ he believed that this would provide a pathway to accomplishing these tasks.

Soon after entering the fire service‚ John decided to start his training and entered into the Basic Firefighter class. This class opened John’s eyes to the fact that this was not fun and games any more and that what his instructors were teaching was what he lived for. After completing his first class in the fire service‚ John also realized there was a need for persons like himself in the emergency medical services field. He then went on to become certified as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician -Basic. This really proved to be Johns forte as he had more interactions with people and really felt feelings of accomplishment he had not previously experienced.

Still not being satisfied with his career‚ John then decided it was time to try helping people on a full time basis and went to work for Rural-Metro Emergency Medical Services of Western New York. It was here that John received a feeling of satisfaction that he was really helping people in their time of need. Even as he was providing this selfless service in a fulltime capacity working mostly 12 – 16 hour shifts‚ he would still make every attempt to provide this service to the Town of Wilson residents where he resided in his off hours.