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Here you can pay tribute to a fallen firefighter or share a special memorial weekend story. Please note that all posts will be submitted for approval before they are posted. We reserve the right to refuse to post any message that contains inappropriate language or that is disrespectful.

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  1. Never forget my brothers and sisters in the fire service

    – Christopher barnett
  2. Sid, this year you will turn 60 years old on October 8, and Matt is turning 25 on October 12. You served your community Sid and gave your life fighting a house fire. Matt has followed in your boots, and on his birthday is the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, where he will be an escort. It all comes together on that day. I sure miss you and wish you were here to see both our sons growing into young men. I love you! Bonnie

    – Bonnie Hall
  3. May God Bless and watch over you and your families.

    – Jim Krause
  4. On behalf of all the members of the Fire Wife Sisterhood at, we are honored to be part of the fire service family and organizations like NFFF. It is in these moments that we are truly reminded of the blessing of our firefighters returning home each day. And also of the strong fire community we are blessed to be a part of who take care of the families those who have moved on to a better world. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of fallen firefighters this weekend and always. Lori Mercer, Founder of

    Lori Mercer
  5. RIP, Your brothers and sisters have it from here

    – Denise
  6. Thank you, for your service and
    Ultimate Sacrifice!! Praying for the families and the Fire Fighter Familes!!

    – Sandi Jones (Buchman)
  7. R.I.P all my fallen brothers and sisters who passed away in 2013, god called you home to join his fire dept. In heaven! N

    – Ezria Miller
  8. Bless all our Brothers and Sisters in the Fire service Especially the Fallen

    – Matthew Koch
  9. As Americans, and Veterans may we “Never forget all Our Nations Fallen Firefighters” for they all are “Our Brothers and Sisters” May we always ” Remember them in Our Daily Prayers”, For God And Country, “We salute Them “!!!

    Lawrence W. Orvis
  10. Cyrus Reed – another fallen hero who will be remembered in our hearts and prayers forever.

    – Gary Williams
  11. Sleep easy. May peace find your families. Your brothers and sisters have it from here.

    – Kristina Stover

    – Timothy Melton
  13. But sound aloud the praises, and give the victor-crown
    To our noble-hearted Firemen, who fear not danger’s frown.
    ~Frederic G.W. Fenn, “Ode to our Firemen,” 1878

    – Suzette Chavez
  14. this Maine (u.s.a.) V.F.F. Stands,Salutes,and Prays for our fallen Brothers and Sisters. also praying for their families.AMEN!

    – warren
  15. God Bless all of the men and women that have lost their lives protecting ours. God Bless our
    Granite Mountain Hot Shots from Prescott, Arizona. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Your family’s will always be in our prayers. Prayers are sent to everyone that has lost a loved one. May you find peace and the strength to move on with your lives. Brendon M. your service,bravery and
    integrity will never be forgotten. God Bless you.

    – Sandra Rogers

    – Sandra Rogers
  16. A quote from my local paper The Inyo Register, Bishop, CA
    “Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of people whose lives they saved” Susan Diane Murphree
    Keeping all Fallen Heroes in my Heart & Prayers.

    – Cindy Schlick
  17. Remembering Josh Earley and Johnathan “Goose” Sapp

    – Chuck Greene
  18. May God Bless all of You. And let us not Forget and always Remember those of Our Loved ones and Friends who served in the Line Of Duty and gone on to Glory.

    – Kevin Nichols
  19. Jeff It’s been 3 years. Miss you today and every day. May god bless you. Love Mom and Dad

    – Richard Burgin
  20. Thanks for all the sacrifices you all have made to keep the rest of us safe. You run in where others run out. So many gone too soon.
    Remembering the Granite Mountain, Storm King, Dude and all those who gave all..each and every one. Your legacy lives on

    – Diane. Cochrane
  21. Chief Jamie A. Peite , Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure…You are loved beyond words,and missed beyond measure…Love your Family!!!

    – Lara Peite
  22. Kevin, you were taken from us way too soon!! You and Daddy may not be here in the physical world, but there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you both. Love and miss you both tremendously!!!
    Your loving sister,

    – Maureen J. Bristol
  23. I am so very proud to call you my father, dad you are my hero.

    – Lisa Strohman - Schutz
  24. To honor all firefighters…past and present
    For those who have given their lives, we will never forget.

    – Sharon Baretta
  25. Dear Matt I miss you every day your beautiful smile,The love you shared with your girls.your kind heart.God Bless You! I Love You, Mom

    – Grace Ambelas
  26. Dear God, through the intercession of our patron, Saint Florian, have mercy on the souls of our comrades who have made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty, and on all who have gone before us after years of faithful discharge of their responsibilities which now rest on ourselves. Give us Grace to prepare each day for our own summons to Thy tribunal of justice. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. Withersoever Thou callest me, I am ready to go. Merciful Father of all men, save my from all bodily harm, if it be Thy will, but above all, help me to be loyal and true, respectful and honorable, obedient and valiant. Thus fortified by virtue, I shall have no fear, for I shall then belong to Thee and shall never be separated from Thee. Amen.

    – Lt. Evan Brazunas
  27. May the Grace of God protect you all.

    – Roberta Kelly
  28. God speed to all of you!! We will continue to carry on our day to day until we can all sit down and have that Sunday breakfast at Gods table together!!

    – Cliff Capps
  29. Terry Wayne Jacobs (aka Jake)– an incredibly intelligent, talented & thoughtful man, with an infectious smile who loved to recite crazy colloquialisms.
    Though type rated & very skilled in various aircraft, a mechanical failure in the CH54A placed him and his Co-Pilot Pantchenko into God’s arms.
    But family & friends all know how fortunate he was to die doing the two things he loved most – flying and helping others.
    Ter will always remain the only man who totally stole my heart and though I miss him every day, I feel so blessed to have had him in my life.
    My thanks to all of those brave men and women who fight fires every day and to those who are now shining above us.

    – June Donze Morgan
  30. We miss you more everyday.
    Love Dad & Mom

    – Linda Dickman
  31. We miss you everyday.. David Anderson, aka CHIEF 5, our social butterfly….
    Love always and forever….Barb, Michelle & Brittany

    – Barbara Anderson
  32. for all you have given, we thank you…. for all your loved ones we offer comfort and prayers…

    – Donna B Barr
  33. Thinking of you all. I will never forget. My dad is there from 2010 – LeRoy Kemp, from NY

    – Pam Mott
  34. Arthur Leroy Pearson was my brother in-law who passed away while on a emergency call in Ogden, Ks. He is survived by his wife and three children.
    We all love and miss him very much.
    R.I.P. Leroy.

    – Lourina Maxey
  35. Blessed are those that have given their lives for others.

    Jeff Carter
  36. Captain Thomas Trevino Araguz II – your widow has fought courageously over five years to preserve your marriage and legacy as proud man. You are missed, and your bravery will not be lost in history. You left an indelible mark on so many lives – and you were my son, in heart.

    – Sheri Bockelman
  37. Robert (Henderson), it’s been 10 1/2 years since you left us in that house fire. You truly climbed that Stairway to Heaven. We think of you and miss you every day. You’re a Grandfather now to an adorable little boy. Your two boys are in College at the University of Wyoming. Your daughter is doing well in High School. I know you’re watching over all of them. We’re all grateful to have had you in our lives as long as we did, although it was far too short. We are so proud of you and grateful for the NFFF and all the fire service continues to do for us. We love you, Mom & Gary

    Katy Smith
  38. My Uncle George Underwood is being honored this year. Love and miss you! And thank you to all of the others and their families. ??❤️????

    – Mylena Bigford
  39. Richie Weisse (St. James Fire Department) ,
    You served as an inspiration to the young generation. You served the St. James community with dedication, commitment and love. Your contributions to the fire department will be long-lasting. You made a positive difference! Rest in Peace Brother!

    Dave Fischler

    – Dave Fischler
  40. God Bless you & your loved ones for all that you have given
    Rest In Pease.

    – Sarah
  41. God Bless the families, departments and communities of those fallen.

    – Ben Wexler
  42. Thank you to all who have given of your service and love. Our grandson Michael Dale “Mikey” Garrett
    served with a great group of people. And today he is still with a great group of men and women who lovingly served their community. We will never forget Mikey, but know that he is in God’s care with his brothers and sisters who served.

    – Joe and Nancy J Scardina
  43. Roger D. Snyder – 12/28/1936 – 11/19/1988
    Love you Daddy and miss you. I think of you often.
    He loved to serve his community any way he could.

    – Mary Nabors
  44. We will always miss you Mikey! Please watch over us and all the other survivor families. May all Rest In Peace.

    – Andrea Jo McMillion
  45. Mike, Your daughter and I miss you very much this past 10 years + 5 months. We will never forget the loving and caring person that you were while you were here with us. Hugs and kisses. Your loving wife of 20+years, Teresa Childress

    – Teresa Childress
  46. Artie treon you were a good friend and neighbor you were blessing to our community rest and watch over us . Miss you buddy John Ulerick

    – John Ulerick
  47. Lt Ricky Thurman fd 407 Swainsboro Fire Department. 27 yrs of service. Ricky the kids and I miss you so much. We LOVE you. We think and talk about you every day. Love you forever. Watch over your fire brothers that are still here with us. Love your wife (of 25 yrs Terry) and kids(Joseph and August).

    – Terry Thurman
  48. On the 8th of this month was 15 years since I lost my best friend, my hero, my dad. I was 19 when he was taken. I had never experienced the loss of losing a loved one before. I had a extremely hard time. And then 9/11 happened. The one thing that helped me understand why is what my aunt said. Honey God knew this was going to happen. And he needed your dad’s help for all those victims. Without question he would put his hand out to help. Every year on his day I send a white balloon with a letter writen on it and I send it up heaven. Dad is miss you so very much. My heart still aches like it did 15 years ago. Growing up i didn’t have a actress or super hero idol. Because I had him. It’s amazing how one person from a very small town could touch thousands of hearts. Thank you to this site, thank you for forgetting my hero. Allan mac marriott. Love you always mandatoast.

    – Amanda Hartman

    – Lisa McCarthy
  50. I have never – and hope to never – lost anyone to fire. However, my deepest sympathy and respect goes out to those who have friends and/or family who have fallen. Thank you to all who walk the red line!

    – Ryan de Vereaux
  51. ” No greater love than a man give his life for his friends.” SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS FIRE DEPARTMENT

  52. Thank you for making this fallen fire fighters wall and having my Great grandfather’s name on this wall it means so much to our family. If we would have known his name was on it, we would have been there when it opened! I just wish my Grandfather was alive to see it. He lost his Father when he was 15 months old he never got to know him. My son is a fire fighter. We are planning a trip up to see with my Dad (his Grandfather was Amos Willits) and my Grandkids. On behalf of the Willits family thank you again.
    Susan Willits Tecmire

    – Susan Tecmire
  53. I grew up in the profession and joined it later in life. My thoughts and prayers are with families whose loved ones made that ultimate choice and loved every minute of it even when a call went bad. Hugs to all family members and friends on this coming Memorial year. Stay strong and know your loved one will never be forgotten.

    – Heather Thomas
  54. It has been 17 yrs since my brother Michael Pizinger’s name was added to the wall. Seems like yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of and miss him. Thank you for all that you do.

    – Karen Barnhill
  55. On behalf of all the employees of Streamlight, Inc., we are honored to support the families and surviving colleagues of fallen firefighters through our sponsorship of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s programs. We are humbled by the risks firefighters take every day to do their jobs, and thank all who have given their service.

    Streamlight, Inc.
  56. R.I.P my fellow firefighters!!!

    – Susan Hutchison
  57. In rememberance of Captain franck Tremaine – I am forever grateful for everything that you taught me, for the hours you spent training me and teaching me what it meant to be a firefighter. I could never be where I am at today without your mentoring and knowledge. Not a day goes by without thinking of you brother. Rest easy my friend, we will take it from here. RFB 6303

    Cody Martinsen
  58. Mom it’s been 12 years since you passed away. I love and miss you so much!!
    Barbara Bordenkircher 620

    – Jessica Bordenkircher
  59. In memory of my Mom Barbara Bordenkircher. Love and miss you so much. Wickliff fire department #620!!

    – Michelle Denny
  60. Miss you more with each passing day son. We will be thinking of and praying for all those being honored this Memorial weekend and their families. On October 8th we will celebrate your namesake “Jamie Rose” on her 1st birthday and our hearts will be with our survivor family members volunteering & attending Memorial weekend -NEVER FORGET OUR FALLEN AND ALL OUR FIRE SERVICE FAMILY

    – pat kampmeyer
  61. Love Always Mom& Dad

    – Jack & Pat Kampmeyer
  62. Brian Munz- It’s been 8 years. Your family, friends, and fellow firemen miss you everyday! You would be so proud of the new Brian J. Munz Safety Complex! It has a wonderful training center. Also remembering all those who have given their life in the line of duty. Love, Mom

    – Karen Munz
  63. Remembering the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots and all those lost. RIP

    – Erica
  64. Rest easy we will take it from here.

    – Gregory baumgardner
  65. To those that made the ultimate sacrafice.. We thank you. Gone but never forgotten as memories of you will live on forever. John P. Kelly 2010 Tarrytown NY.. Our hero today tomorrow forever

    – Cindy Tuttle
  66. You were always the bravest and the best- never forgotten, always Loved.

    – deborah rickenbach
  67. Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer, gone but not forgotten. Miss you every day. Keep shinning down on us.

    – Joe & Lin Mueller
  68. Prayers for all the family in attendance to this years memorial. It will be a weekend you will never forget. My daddy Charles Goff name went on the wall last night year. Love and miss you everyday daddy.

    – April
  69. FF Kelly L Page LODD 9/14/07. The girls and I miss you each and every day. You would be so proud of the three young women they are becoming!

    – Katie Page
  70. In memory of those we’ve lost, we fight on. RIP Charles McKenzie, West Van Lear (KY) Fire Department

    – Melinda Robinson Charles
  71. I miss you dad, you may be gonna but you influence so many decisions I make everyday. You taught me to be tough and strong, you taught me to be independent. I love you so much and I miss you every single day dad!

    – Breanna Zielinski
  72. I miss you dad, you may be gonna but you influence so many decisions I make everyday. You taught me to be tough and strong, you taught me to be independent. I love you so much and I miss you every single day dad!

    – Breanna Zielinski
  73. In honor of a dear friend, Garry Rose. You are missed more than you know. You were always there when I need a friend and you always answered the call when able. I can’t count the times you responded when I called for help and you always checked on me before you cleared the hospital. Thank you for your dedication and service. Rest In Peace my friend.

    – Patricia Wilson
  74. “To save a life, is to risk a life” all of us who here mourning a loss will ever more be grateful of your sacrifice. I lift up a special prayer in honor of all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to a fight for a cause so near and dear to the fire service’s heart. “A fire is everyone’s fight.”

    – Roberta Kelly
  75. In honor of a dear friend, Ex-Chief Joseph Edward Bove, III. You are missed more than you know especially by all your brothers at the Spotswood Fire Department. You served as an inspiration to the younger generation.Words can’t express how much it meant especially to me when you knocked on my door to help me as Chief. It meant more than you will ever know. Your contributions to the fire department will be long-lasting. You would be so proud of your wife Renata, and your children Joe, Anthony, and Jacqueline who continue to try and survive without you each and every day. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your dedication and service. Rest In Peace my dear friend and brother! Thank you to the National Fallen Firefighters for all they do for these families and all who walk the red line!

    – William Andren
  76. On behalf of the members of the Walton Fire Dept., we send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our fallen brothers and sisters. We’ve got your watch from here brothers and sisters.

    – Tyler Jett
  77. In memory of my father (Christopher Hilden) who had a massive heart attack fighting a fire November 5, 1989 at the age of 41. You will never be forgotten and you are sorely missed deeply. Love your daughter..Kristine Hilden

    – Kristine Hilden
  78. Dear God, through the intercession of our patron, Saint Florian, have mercy on the souls of our comrades who have made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty, and on all who have gone before us after years of faithful discharge of their responsibilities which now rest on ourselves. Give us Grace to prepare each day for our own summons to Thy tribunal of justice. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. Withersoever Thou callest me, I am ready to go. Merciful Father of all men, save my from all bodily harm, if it be Thy will, but above all, help me to be loyal and true, respectful and honorable, obedient and valiant. Thus fortified by virtue, I shall have no fear, for I shall then belong to Thee and shall never be separated from Thee. Amen.

    Lt. Evan Brazunas, Berwyn Fire Co. (PA)
  79. The Last Alarm
    My father was a fireman.
    He drove a big red truck and when he’d go to work each day
    he’d say, “Mother wish me luck.”
    Then Dad would not come home again
    ’til sometime the next day.
    But the thing that bothered me the most
    was the thing’s some folks would say,
    “A fireman’s life is easy,
    he eats and sleeps and plays,
    and sometimes he won’t fight a fire
    for days and days.”
    When I first heard these words
    I was too young to understand
    but I knew when people had trouble
    Dad was there to lend a hand.
    Then my father went to work one day
    and kissed us all goodbye
    but little did we realize
    that night we all would cry.
    My father lost his life that night
    when the floor gave way below
    and I’d wondered why he’d risk his life
    for someone he did not know.
    But now I truly realize
    the greatest gift a man can give
    is to lay his life upon the line
    so that someone else might live.
    So as we go from day to day
    and we pray to God above
    say a prayer for your local fireman.
    He may save the one’s you love.

    Christopher Bruckner, Chaplain, Ledyard Fire Co. (CT)
  80. In remembrance of Robert “Hawk” Meyer, LODD: June 8, 2014. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you. We hope you and Linda are happy as you are now in heaven together.

    – Union Hose Fire Company
  81. November 19, 1988 – Kingston, NY – Roger Dudley Snyder answered his final alarm – a car accident – and he ended up dying that day on duty directing traffic around the scene of the accident. I miss his still – it still hurts. I am his oldest daughter. He gave his life doing what he loved best – being of service to his community. I am signing this banner in his memory. God watch over and protect all the men and women who take that same risk he took on a daily basis. Thank you to all them many men and women around the country who help keep us safe.

    – Mary Nabors
  82. Rest easy my brothers and sisters. Thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones. Till we meet again. You will never be forgotten!!

    – Joseph (J.R.) Way
  83. Rest easy brothers, we have got it from here. You dedication and sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten.

    – Alan Glogovsky
  84. An honorable leader, husband, father, friend all while serving your community, family and God gracefully; a man admired by all.

    You are missed every day Lt Kevin McRae.

    God Speed –

    Engine Co 6 DCFD

    – Kevin P Kline
  85. Rest in peace Brothers and Sisters!!

    – Helge Nordtveit
  86. Rest easy brothers and sisters. You will not be forgotten!

    – Joseph Way
  87. In honor of my father,Thomas M. Pierce; rest well Daddy – your job is done.You are loved and missed every day by so many.God Bless

    – Krystal Pierce Rooduijn
  88. I will always miss you O’B I will never forget how much Joy you brought to me thank you very much I will always miss you

    – Walter Krychta
  89. Four of Delaware’s bravest were lost in 2016. May their legacies serve as a guiding beacon, leading others to follow in their passionate pursuit of service to others. R.I.P. Tim, Ardyth, Jerry, and Chris.

    – Alyn Scritchfield
  90. my son, my son, my favorite son, so proud of the man you became. i will love you always.

    – kathleen schulkins
  91. Many thoughts and prayers to the families of the 93 firemen that are being honored this weekend.
    There are 13 from the FDNY and a friend to all in my home town of Sag Harbor, N.Y. FF Ted Stafford.
    You are missed by all, we will all see you there………….
    XCapt. Ray Card SHFD

    – Ray Card
  92. To all my fallen brothers and sister may God be with you. You will not be forgotten we have it from here. You fought with bravery and honor. Now your duties are to protect the halls of heaven.

    – Tony Tudder
  93. In honor of my husbands ultimate sacrifice to his country, his community, his fellow man, his wife, and his children.
    May you rest in peace and forever reign in the heavens above.
    Untill we meet again…

    – Brandi De Marinis
  94. Kevin asked me to sign this remembrance banner for all of us at Timberline. TO OUR EVERYDAY HEROES, May God bless you and your families. I myself, lived in the places where the fires were fought and I have family that lives there still and had to endure some issues from the fires there. I will be forever grateful to all of you. This should have never happened to you guys. NEVER. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR EVERY DAY HEROES AND FOR BEING THERE FOR YOUR PEOPLE. PEACE and RIP

    from someone who worked at Timberline..

    – Bobbi Ysmael
  95. Job well done my brothers and sisters….you may rest now, we’ll take in from here

    – Tommie McKenzie
  96. In honor of someone I can call a friend, Kendall Murphy of the Montgomery Volunteer Fire Department. You are missed more than you know, especially by all your friends and family in Daviess County, Indiana. You served your life as an inspiration to the younger generation. Words can’t express how much you meant to so may people, young and old. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Kim R. Murray
  97. May God keep you as safe in arms as you have kept the community safe by giving your life. May you experience eternal peace and know that your brothers and sisters are here to carry your legacy

    – Master EMS Elaine Custead
  98. Thank you to all that have given their lives to save others. An a huge thank you to the fireman Community for all of the love support our family has received Terry Raymond 2016.

    – Leah Raymond
  99. On behalf of the members of the Rincon Valley Fire District (Arizona), we send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our fallen brothers and sisters. You are not forgotten.

    Jacqueline Bisnar
  100. From The men and woman of the Sweetwater Fire Company. Honoring Our brothers and Sisters for giving the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. Our Thoughts and Prayers goes out to the Families and Departments they have severed, r.i.p. god bless

    – Sweetwater Fire Company STA 163
  101. Remembering Captain Frank T Keane. FDNY Engine 46.

    – Maureen Keane
  102. Natalie you were our first grand baby and so special to us.
    We are so very proud of you and miss you so much.
    Thank you for your service to your community and all that you did.
    RIP our sweet Natalie.
    Love you always and forever.
    Nana and PopPip.

    – Martha Gaines
  103. Gone but not forgotten. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    Natosha Vincent
  104. For all of our courageous firefighters that have given the ultimate sacrifice, and my own special firefighter Chief Jimmie Zeeks LODD 8/15/2009, you all will be forever in our hearts.

    – Myra Zeeks
  105. Thank you to our first responder heroes! In memory of my brother Dale Brown, Covington KY Fire Dept, line of duty death 2019. We will never forget ❤️

    – Peggy Brown Norris
  106. As the Chairman of the National Red Helmet Ride and on behalf of all riders who have participated for the last 20+ years on this ride, It is and will always be an Honor to recognize our Brothers and Sisters who have given their all.

    – Chief Tomy Baker
  107. love you miss u dad cant believe yr gone 10 yrs 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔 wish u were here

    – Bri kelly
  108. Remembering my fallen firefighter and all those who have served tirelessly and given the ultimate sacrifice.

    Maddy Clinton, LODD 2018

    – Sandra Clinton
  109. Love Lives On ❤️

    – Jessica Tessinear
  110. Love Lives Forever❤️

    – Hannah Tessinear
  111. Wife of fallen fighter Ronald Stephan 9/25/2010 Lynn, Indiana

  112. Always in my ❤️ heart.

    – Jo Ann Spencer
  113. Missing Lt. Butch Melody 38 years after he lost his life along with Joe Halas fighting a fire in Danbury CT. Heartbreaking that you missed all the additions to the family since then. May the memories we pass on to them live forever. God bless…

    – Maura Melody
  114. In memory of those who gave their lives while performing their job as firefighters for the citizens of this country, especially those who were struck and killed by vehicles at roadway incidents including FF Dave Good, and FF Joseph Kroboth Jr.. Their deaths are not forgotten and their sacrifice has helped to spark many changes in roadway operations to protect firefighters at roadway incidents. May they all Rest In Peace.

    Jack Sullivan
  115. Brian, we love and miss you everyday. We will never let you be forgotten. Love, Mom

    – Jane Neville
  116. In remembrance of my first born son Michael James Edwards.
    9-4-71 — 3-24-18
    Loved and missed by all. Out of sight, but always in our hearts and minds.
    Dad, Mom, and Jonathan

    – Julia Edwards
  117. Kelly L. Page-This September will be 13 years. Our oldest, Kyleigh, got engaged, Kaelin got a great job and is moving to Boston, and our baby Keara graduated high school and is off to college. You would be so proud of them. You live on in them in many ways. We love and miss you!

    – Katie Page
  118. IN memory of FF Jeremy Tighe

    – Jerri Johnson
  119. In Memory of
    Firefighter Joseph Scott Northup, Sr.
    LODD 04/01/2004
    Jessamine County Fire District, Kentucky
    “What’s Goin’ On?”

    – Liz Feitelberg
  120. The day my husband passed away in a accident just below our house was the worst day of my life. Three years ago an accident call went out at 2:39 pm just below our house. My husband and I responded in our POV. I went to the patient and my husband went to traffic control. Traffic stopped the fire truck had arrived. The truck was backing up at a rate of speed of about 5 mph. My husband tripped and fell hit his head on the pavment and then the firetruck backed over him at 3:10 pm my husband was gone. I was still with the patient. When I got to my husband, it was a horrific sight. It was a horrible accident and no one was at fault but he was gone. I was devastated 😢 and my life changed that day forever. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation was and is a blessing to me. I have made many friends of other fallen firefighters and they help me threw this terrible time. I’m still fighting to get threw the trauma of that day, but with the grace of God and my fallen firefighter family, I can do it. I will be here for all fallen firefighter families to help them through their loss as well. God bless you all!

    – Missy Johns
  121. Wayne, it’s been 1 year and 8 months today since we lost you. We think about you and miss you everyday! All our love always! Mendy & Tori ❤️❤️❤️😥

    – Mendy Page
  122. Dad, Christmas will never be the same since you loss your life Christmas morning. I am so glad you let me follow in your foot steps of being a firefighter. You have taught me so many things in the years we ran together. I miss you everyday. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters that continue to serve and protect their communities.

    – Shannon Brenner
  123. Remembering all who gave their lives in service to America’s fire service. Lynn my dad, Leroy Kemp. Love you and miss you so much

    – Pam Mott
  124. It’s been almost three years, and I miss you every day, Little Brother. With love, prayers, and gratitude, we will always remember our lost heroes.

    – Kathy Reumann
  125. For the 343 Firefighters who gave their all on September 11, 2001.

    For the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who gave their all on June 30, 2013.

    You will never be forgotten.

    – Jim Dunaway
  126. MAC7 forever in my ❤! I still miss you every day!

    – Erin McGuinness
  127. Richard Rehm, my pal, you were a kind man. I appreciate you looking out for my family. May you be at ease and God bless your family.

    – Jendayi Ola
  128. It has been almost two years since I lost my dad, David Wayne Page. I am truly grateful for everything you did for me and taught me in a short 22 years, but what you taught me will last a lifetime. I love you forever daddy!
    Prayers to all the families of fallen firefighters.

    – Tori Page
  129. In Loving Memory of Lt. Dale Brown. Your smile and love continues to shine bright And light my way. My best friend, the love of my life, your pure and caring heart is the gift I will carry with me forever. Forever Loved, Remembered and Honored with every breath I take. I refer to your favorite quote often, ‘Everyday may not be good, But there is Something Good in Everyday’ . Till we meet again, your Love is my light.

    – Jenny Brown
  130. Honoring the fallen firefighters who died protecting us

    – Jo lynn Van Wart
  131. In memory of James (Jim) Herbert
    LODD 10/23/71 Clinton Volunteer Fire Dept. (Maryland). Accident on fire truck responding to what ended up being a false alarm. It will be 49 years this year and that day is still painful. You will always be missed.

    – Cathy (Freeman) Van Ness
  132. In honor of my brother Dale Brown, Covington Ky Fire Dept. line of duty death 2019. Love and miss you❤️ As you said, not everyday is a good day but there is something good in everyday. ❤️

    – Peggy Brown Norris
  133. I never knew a day in this world without you… till I did. As heartbroken as I am, I laugh and smile remembering all our memories. From my first friend, High school memories, College days, your excitement meeting my daughter’s, the good days and the not so good days, dispatching you to your calls (telling you where to go) haha, spending late nights watching the sunrise and talking about dreams, realities and everything under the sun (literally). We still have your heart here on earth in Jenny, and that we will FOREVER be thankful for.
    As most everything in life you did… YOU ROCKED being a big brother. Not much I can say that I haven’t already told you. You know my heart through and through.
    Thanks for some of the best memories of my life. I’m sure when we meet again we will catch up and then back to some fun loving shenanigans.
    You did good! You will forever be in my heart, my smile, and my shenanigans.
    So much love, honor, respect, and pretty fantastic memories I will forever hold with me. I smile because you’re my brother… I laugh because we sure had a good time.

    – Janet New
  134. In memory of Dale Brown. His commitment to life was one to be honored. He will always be in our hearts.

    – Ashley Moore
  135. Thank you Uncle Dale for always taking me and E tubing every summer at the lake house. No matter how tired you were you always made sure we had the best summer. Fly high uncle brownie you will always be missed and loved.

    – Madison Kuchar
  136. Uncle Dale “Brownie” Brown, there were so many things I wanted to say to you before you left us, I wanted to thank you for loving me and supporting me as if I were your daughter. I wanted to tell you just how much I loved you with all my heart. How nothing was ever going to be the same without you here. I’m sorry I never got the courage to tell you this, but I hope you can hear the words of my heart in heaven. You truly left this world a better place by being in it. I know you are no longer sick and you are welcoming your brothers and sisters home with open arms….the girls and I say that we will know how to find you in heaven because it will smell like your fireplace. Until I smell the fireplace, I’ll always love you and miss you.

    – Kelli Brown Kuchar
  137. Uncle Dale,
    Every special memory I have in my life, you’re apart of it. You’ve been there for me through every broken bone, every prom, taught me how to ski, taught me how to drive, let us have sleepovers, always had the fireplace and hot tub ready to go, you were there when I gave birth to Avery and you were there when I got married (we even shared a special dance).

    You were one of the strongest most amazing man I had ever met. Your selflessness showed through the service you provided for your community and the love you had for your family and especially your beautiful wife Jenny.

    We all love and miss you so much & we can’t want to see you again!

    All my love. Thank you for your sacrifice.


    – Tiffany Hay
  138. Uncle Dale Brown “Brownie”. I remember and honor you everyday through service. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of you. What I wouldn’t give to take one more toon ride with you in the captains seat. Love you forever.

    – Ashley Cook
  139. Uncle Dale (Lt. Dale Brown),

    Thank you for always being there for your family. I’ll never forget the many ways you helped me, and the support I always had. I remember getting to tell you about Annalynn. Although you didn’t get to meet her, she will always know who you are and how amazing you were. I know you’re watching over us all now. We love and miss you!


    – Brandy Pearcy
  140. We will never forget our fire service brothers and sisters,

    – Peggy Ann Roche
  141. Our dad was a volunteer firefighter for over 40 years and he passed away September 5th, 2017. He was 81. He loved every minute of being a firefighter and lord knows we miss him so much

    – Brenda Miller
  142. To the families of all my brothers and sisters who have been called home. May you know, and we acknowledge, your loved one’s, our brothers and sisters, served with honor and bravery. May we who still serve, and those who will serve in the future, do so with the same honor and bravery.

    – Andy Krajewski
  143. Rest in Peace our Brothers and Sisters. Thank You for your service. Until we meet again.

    Joe Woolley
  144. In memory of David Clark LOD 4/2020

    – Joe Todisco
  145. My father was inducted into the wall in 2014 William J McCaw Calgary Alberta Canada

    – Brett McCaw
  146. Always backing the thin red line

    – Frank baker
  147. Keith you will never be forgotten. Miss you each day. Heroes Live Forever. Love Mom
    Keith Rankin LODD 9/25/2011

    – Nancy Crawford
  148. May your memory be a blessing

    – Vera Weitzman
  149. Your loved ones sacrifice will always be etched in our hearts forever. May they rest easy.

    – Bob Stanmire
  150. Since 9-11-01 I have wanted to be a firefighter. I have great respect for the men and women who sacrificed their own lives. Since 01, I have worked incredibly hard to make my dream a reality. With that, I take being a firefighter very serious. I feel in my heart that the best way to honor my fallen brothers and sisters is to work hard and give it my all everytime I get on the truck. I am grateful for all whom have paved the way.

    – Lee Keller
  151. We love you and miss you Pappy ! ( Bob Greiser )

    – Michelle O'Rourke
  152. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers through these difficult times. Thank you to your firefighter for being a hero.

    – Cathy Keene
  153. God Bless and we will never forget all that have gone before us. Missing my Son Captain Matthew Porcari LODD 01-21-13

    – Cheri Porcari
  154. Our prayers are with the families and the fire departments that have lost a firefighter in the line of duty .
    May they rest in peace 🙏

    – Robert Reis
  155. Thoughts and prayers to all🙏🏻
    Chief Rodney Miller LODD 4/27/13

    – Michelle Miller-Lowe
  156. In rememberance of Chief Romulus “Tony” Spencer III.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    – Jo Ann Spencer
  157. Never Forgotten!

    – Gordy Fowlston
  158. In loving memory of James Ted Griffith
    Love you always, miss you lots 🧑🏻‍🚒🚒

    – Amy Cleveland
  159. My heart goes out to all.

    – Heather Smith
  160. For all the fallen firefighters, thank you for all you have done. For the families, you and your loved ones are always remembered.
    Never forget because forgetting is not an option.

    – Carrye Johnstone
  161. You are not forgotten, Craig Brown, Norman Almond, Parsons Kansas Fire Department lodd 1998.

    – Duane Banzet
  162. Steven P. Henderson
    12/24/58 – 10/12/19
    My most Amazing Guy. Love and miss you Sweetie.

    – Lisa Henderson
  163. Philippians 4:13

    – Gamers for the Fallen
  164. God bless you and your families. Never forget

    – Steve Thornburg
  165. In loving memory of our son Eric Hosette, EOW 1/5/19. We love you and miss you so much.

    – Gail Hosette
  166. Miss you more and more each day Jay 💔 but beyond thankful for every second I got to have with you. Xoxo

    – Tina Menard
  167. Firefighters never die, they move on to become our guardian angels, and watch over us from above. Jay you are missed more than you’ll ever know. We miss and love you!

    – Lynn J
  168. Henry L. Scott – This year is 24 years. Your laugh and smile is missed today and every day. Your sister, Laurie

    – Laurie Santel
  169. In honor of Lt Jason Menard

    – Francis Mosso
  170. Rest In Peace.
    Thanks Jay

    – Elizabeth
  171. In memory of LT. Jason Menard

    – Cristin Pitney
  172. In honor of my nephew Lt.Jason Menard may you rest in peace JAY!!!!!!!

    – Kenneth Menard
  173. For all my brothers and sisters in the
    Fire service who have made the supreme sacrifice may you rest in peace. I promise you won’t be forgotten.

    – Stephen Black
  174. Thank you to all for your service and sacrifice.
    Rest In Peace Jason Menard you were a true hero and will be forever missed. Xoxo

    – The Donovan Family
  175. 11/13/19 – Heaven gained an angel and hero. Gone but NEVER forgotten. Miss you Jay M. Love ya buddy.

    – Sean Kelley
  176. To all of my brother and sister firefighters. RIP, we have it from here.

    – John Stennett
  177. On behalf of all the Red Helmet Riders over the past 20+ years, we will always honor the sacrifices you have made. R.I.P. to all our Brothers and Sisters. May God Bless all of you and their families and God Bless America.

    National Red Helmet Ride, Tomy Baker, Chairman/Founder

    – Chief Thomas (Tomy) Baker NRHR
  178. Sending lots of prayers and love for all our fallen heroes! Henry Jay Branscum LODD 9/3/2011

    – Kimberly Hefferman
  179. In honor of my step father Henry “Jay” Branscum.

    – Tyler Chandler
  180. Remembering Firefighter Robert ‘Bob’ Bestgen. We love you #503!!
    Pat, Zach and Nick

    – Pat Bestgen
  181. To those, that sat and stood among us, trained with us, that worked together and then we honored that day. We will miss them from our ranks.

    – Darrell K Francis
  182. God bless all of them 🙏

    – Cheryl
  183. In memory of all who served before and after My dad fire chief Lawrence E. Miller, Cherry Creek NY volunteer fire department. Last call May 20,1983.

    – Anita
  184. Honor—Duty—Respect— Never Forgotten

    – Jerri Johnson