Roll of Honor

Albert DeFlumere

Albert DeFlumere

  • Past Chief
  • Blauvelt Volunteer Fire Company
  • New York
  • Age: 49
  • Year of Death: 1996

Submitted by his Wife

‘Foxie’ as we all called him was a member of the Blauvelt Volunteer Fire Co. for 31 years. He joined the company at the age of 16 and could be seen riding his bike to the firehouse. He left the fire service for three years to serve his country with the US Army in Vietnam. During his years with the company he worked his way up the line and served as Chief for two years. At the time of his death he held the position of financial secretary.

Foxie died in the line of duty on October 26‚ 1996‚ his 11th wedding anniversary. He awoke in his own home to the smell of smoke. He led his wife and two of their sons‚ ages 8 and 4 out a window to safety. He returned into the house to get Matthew age 6 but they never came out. They were found in each others arms by the window Foxie led the rest of the family out of. Foxie was doing what he was trained to do‚ never expecting it would be to save his own family. He and Matthew will always be our heroes.

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Memorial Wall

  1. thank you for your service, Foxie. I cried reading your story. It’s wonderful that you were able to save your wife and two of your sons, and that you were there for Matthew at the very end.

    – Amanda
  2. Always in my prayers. God bless.

    – Tom McKiernan