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Roll of Honor

Probationary Firefighter
Age: 24
Year of Death: 2013

Anne McCormick Sullivan

Anne McCormick Sullivan was born on December 4, 1988, in Houston, Texas, to Jack and Mary Moore Sullivan. Anne was sister to Will, Kate, and Thomas Sullivan.

Anne always had a big ole Texas smile on her beautiful face. She has been described as compassionate, courageous, loyal, disciplined, stubborn, honest, determined, dedicated, a self starter, funny, headstrong, optimistic, unshakable, trustworthy, tenacious, and spiritual.

Anne loved athletics, especially soccer and cross country running. She loved the competition and the camaraderie of being part of a team. In her senior year of high school, she was honored as Female Athlete of the Year. Her coach told her, “You won the award because you worked harder and pushed yourself more than any other athlete, never missing a practice or game and always helping and encouraging your teammates.”

At age 17, Anne decided to become a firefighter, and nothing was going to stop her. Her determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles to achieve that goal was remarkable. True to her dream, Anne earned her firefighter and EMT certifications and joined two volunteer fire departments, where she was nicknamed “Punky” and “Mighty Mouse.” Punky because Anne always wore her hair in a ponytail, and Mighty Mouse because at 5′ 2″ she could pick up a 180-pound man and carry him around the station.

Anne graduated from the Houston Fire Department Academy in April 2013. Her instructor said, “Anne showed that of her 5′ 2″ frame, 5′ 1″ was heart. She amazed the staff on how she made it through evolutions on sheer determination; she NEVER quits.”

On May 31, 2013, Anne was killed at the Southwest Inn fire in Houston, along with three fellow firefighters. To honor Anne’s spirit and sacrifice, the Houston Fire Department Academy commissioned the Anne McCormick Sullivan Award, to be presented to the cadets “who best exemplify integrity, extraordinary responsibility, never-quit attitude, and the discipline and commitment to be the best.” In addition, the Anne Sullivan Foundation was created as a living legacy to provide scholarship funds for women to pursue the noble calling of firefighting to carry on Anne’s dream.

Anne will be deeply and forever missed by her family, friends, fellow firefighters, and the many people whose lives she so positively touched.

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  1. Um . . . hi my name is Aaron Schultz. I’m a fire academy cadet in Florida and Ive been researching fallen fire fighters and i came across your daughter Anne. i was wondering if you could tell me more about her. If not to much to ask.

    – Aaron
  2. I have a coloring book of u

    – Vilma
  3. I couldn’t agree more, well told! She is deeply missed by all of us.

    – Joseph Brown
  4. You set an extraordinary example. I was told a lot about you. You’re incredibly amazing and I love how you didn’t let your size be an excuse no matter what. You’re so strong and beautiful..RIP Anne. Much love and thank you.

    – Kerry
  5. You were Fearless and Selfless Ann McCormick Sullivan and We Love ? You So MUCH for Your Courage and Your Strength!!!!!!

    – Kathleen M Murpnhy
  6. I’m a Fire Academy Cadet and I am truly amazed by all the amazing obstacles and tasks you were able to accomplish. She was determined and had a big heart. I hope to take that same mind set into the academy and do the very best I can for the people and community around me. Anne and the three other firefighters paid the ultimate sacrifice and will be always be remembered and deeply missed in the fire service.

    – Christian Merserseau
  7. This is a beautiful picture of her…the smile and eyes. “5′ 2″ frame, 5′ 1″ was heart” remembrance fits the spirit she exhibited in this picture.

    – Sanchez, Isabella
  8. There’s a school named after her.

    – AxolotlQwerty