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Age: 43
Year of Death: 2022

Brian C. Busch

Brian C. Busch was born to Mark and Elaine Busch and grew up in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, with his siblings and a large extended family close by. He joined the Mineral Point Fire Department when he turned 18. Not long after, Brian met the “new teacher” in town, and they fell in love and were married. They chose to spend their life together, as they raised their three beautiful children, in Mineral Point, the place that brought them together. Brian served the department and community his full adult life, responding to his last call on January 6, 2022, at age 43. The community continues to surround his wife, children, and family and helps to keep his memory and love alive.

During his years at the station, he served in a variety of different positions, from kitchen crew to captain and fire safety officer, along with many in between. Brian believed that each job that needed doing was important and deserved to be done well, down to monthly cleaning crew and kitchen towels, and he happily helped in every way that he could. He loved being a firefighter and working alongside his fellow first responders. As fire safety officer, he led a group of dedicated volunteers in teaching fire safety each year to elementary students.

Brian was always helpful and caring and could be counted on to stop and help if someone was in need. So many stories begin with, “Remember when we were on vacation and Dad…” And it was true. No matter where he was, if someone needed help—alongside a road, in a park or hotel—he was there to offer it and to bring calm to the situation. He made lasting friends and memories when he volunteered to help fight forest and wildland fires.

Brian was an active member of Ss. Mary & Paul Church in Mineral Point, where he taught CCD with his wife, served on the building and grounds committee, and showed his children what quiet, strong faith looked like in action. He was a loving, funny, wonderful husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. Brian’s faith, love of family, and belief in service to others lives on, and we continue to draw comfort in these values as we seek to live them.

Brian’s sense of humor and zest for life was contagious, and he brought humor along with him wherever he went. He was a big fan of practical jokes and pranks and never missed an opportunity to enact one, big or small. His quick wit is sorely missed, though memories of jokes and laughs shared continue to provide us all with comfort and laughter, even amidst our tears and sorrow.

Brian is deeply missed and forever loved.


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  1. Sure do miss ya bud! I will stand proud as your representative on the Memorial Weekend!

    – Chad Whitford
  2. ❤️ ❤️❤️

    – Amy Busch
  3. ❤️❤️❤️

    – Amy Busch
  4. We will never forgot…

    – Captain Steve Fenske