Roll of Honor

Carl E. Molinaro

Carl E. Molinaro

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 32
  • Year of Death: 2001

Carl was a devoted husband‚ a loving father‚ a loved son and brother. Many who were lucky enough to have him as a friend experienced his infectious spirit and unique sense of humor. Carl’s display of courage and heroism on many occasions made him a true hero. Carl gave of himself not only on 9/11‚ but every day of his life because it was his nature to give. Over board Carl became his nickname among his family and close friends because he would always give must more than what was expected‚ no matter what it could be. Carl lived his life with great passion and determination. Carl was a well-rounded person with many interests including football‚ motorcycle racing‚ hunting and music.

Carl will never be forgotten and will be deeply missed by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Carl will always be remembered as a true hero

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Memorial Wall

  1. I did a stair climb for you today. Thank you for your service!

    – Ally k
  2. I climbed for this man today at Nashville, TN memorial stair climb. It was an honor!

    – Joshua Meeks
  3. I climbed the stairs of the ND State Capitol building in your honor on 9/9/2016.

    – Samantha
  4. My name is Jackson and I climbed in honor of you at Bay View middle.
    Never Forget

    – Jackson Odea
  5. Hi I’m Brady from bay view middle school. Today at bay view middle school I climbed stairs in honer of you.
    “Never forget”

    – Brady
  6. I climbed 60 flights of stairs for you today at Bay View Middle. Thanks for your service! #NeverForget

    – Hailey W
  7. I’m Alaina from Bay View Middle School, and I climbed stairs in honor of your service, “Never Forget.”

    – Alaina
  8. My name is Hunter, and I climbed for you in honor of your work yesterday at Bay View Middle School.
    Thank you for your service.
    “Never Forget”

    – Hunter
  9. You are not forgotten. Today I was honored to receive a badge with your name on it. I climbed
    for you! Thank you!

    – Shanna
  10. To all of you who honored my brother by climbing in his name, Thank You! Carl was an amazing man with an enormous heart, and a love of laughter. He truly was larger than life. It makes me smile to know that he is remembered and honored! Thank You!

    – Lisa
  11. I am wearing your photo on my bib at the Stephen Siller T2T climb in Houston Texas. God bless you and your brothers for your bravery and sacrifice.

    – Travis McCullough
  12. I carried your memory card during a memorial 5k in Idaho Falls, ID on 9/08/18. Thank you for your service. -Jim

    – jim
  13. Carl, I climbed in your honor at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI on 9/7/19. Thank you for your service

    – Mark Lacenski
  14. I climbed in downtown Denver for you today. You will never be forgotten, brother. 9/11/19

    – Trent Hankins
  15. I will be doing a 1,980 step Stair Climb tonight in honor of you. Prayers going out to your family. #neverforget

    – Jody
  16. I did a walk 3.8 miles for you today sir. You are a true hero. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. You are loved and never forgotten.

    – Beth Gibbs
  17. Today 9/13/2020 I rode in a 9/11 memorial ride in your honor . We never met but today I couldn’t hold back the tears in your honor . Thank you for your service .

    – Jerry Thomas