Today, we mark #GivingTuesday with #FireHeroTuesday, kicking off the holiday season of giving by making sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
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Age: 39
Year of Death: 2001

Carl Francis Asaro

Carl‚ my sweetheart‚ best friend‚ wonderful husband and father‚ left a big hole in my life and his six kids. He was my seventh kid‚ my other half. Carl saw life as a bright music. He was always singing (Elvis impressions) or pounding his hand on something for a rhythm. Music was a great part of his life. He played the piano‚ flute and he knew how to sing any song that came out of the radio. He was a fan of the Grateful Dead‚ especially Garcia. Oh Boy! How we miss him!

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  1. I didn’t know you, but at my school we are doing a memorial for the people who died saving lives. I picked you and I thank you for risking your life to save someone else’s. You are a very brave person and I thank you for what you did.

    – Cc alves
  2. We were in NYC on holiday on 10 October last year. We went to the 9/11 memorial. It was your birthday and there was a white rose attached to your name. I have a photo and everytime I look at it I feel sad. You (and others) were absolute heroes, Carl. Even though I never knew you and I come from the other side of the world, I think of you everytime I look at our holiday photos. Now I can attach a face to a name. Bless you, my friend.

    – John Hammond
  3. You climbed with me during the Denver Stair Climb today. I sang most of the time and after reading this I know why.
    You’ll climb with me next year too. I didn’t know you, but you’ll never be forgotten.

    – Brandon-Dean Morris
  4. You climbed with me tonight at the Waynesville NC stair climb. I also visited Battalion 9 in July. Great bunch of guys and a great house. Rest easy my brother.

    – David Blackburn
  5. I climbed with you in my heart today during the Panama City Beach 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb. I feel so blessed to have done that, and with you there with me. Thank you. Thank you for risking and ultimately giving your own life to save others. Thank you for being there in the time of need. Just thank you. I cant imagine how much your family misses you. After all the reading I’ve been able to find on you- it’s not hard to envision the kind of man you are, you are a good man. Thank you. Rest easy brother.

    – HannaLee France
  6. I walked in your honor, we climbed together at Lambeau Field Green Bay WI. 2018
    Never forgotten Brother!!!


    – Scot Gerarden
  7. You ran with me today, I’m not a fast or a far runner but it’s what I have to honor you today, 9/11/19.
    I saw your sweet wife and children on NBC Nightly news- I think you’d be so proud to see your children, who are firefighters as well. You have quite an extraordinary family but I’m sure you already know that.
    Thank you for being there on that day in NYC, you are missed and certainly never forgotten. Thanks for being my running buddy this morning,

    – Patti Brower
  8. Never forgotten! I climbed with you 2019 for the stair climb @ wings event center in Kalamazoo MI. RIP brother

    – Jason Horton
  9. I did the stair climb at salt river fields in your honor. You were with me all the way. Please watch over the rest of us Sir. The bravest of the brave.
    Phoenix, AZ. September 11th, 2019

    – Paul
  10. I did the 1960 stairs in honor of Carl. First time event a Crown point fairgrounds. Awesome turnout and the amount of firefighters in full gear was amazing. Never forget 9/11/01

    – Angela Paolone
  11. I never meet you but you are my teacher’s boyfriend’s dad and you helped and risked your life to help. All your children are following in you footsteps as firefighters. Thank you all.

    – I am a child
  12. In 2016, I took an EMT class and my teacher asked all of us to find a firefighter to remember and honor them. I chose you. And later that year, all of us EMTs went up to New York City to visit the 911 Memorial. It took me a while to find your name. But i found you. There’s not enough words on the page to ever thank you for what you’ve done with all the first Responders and PD. I see that some of your children have joined New York City fire department and that’s makes me smile.

    – Gillian M.
  13. Thinking of you and your family on this day. Rest in peace, hero.

    – Laura Ros
  14. Around the world we are doing our part to remember the fallen. I was lucky enough to carry your amazing name on my vest. I had to complete 2000 steps in 1:42 mins. The music and joy of others carried my feet lightly to the finish under 43 mins. Sending hugs and positive vibes to your family and you .

    – Elisa Snook
  15. I climbed in your honor today Carl. You’ll never be forgotten and your sacrifice for others will always be appreciated.

    – Elizabeth Goodman
  16. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. You are a hero in every sense and will never be forgotten. Thank you for your courageous and selfless actions, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  17. To the family of Carl,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I am very grateful for Carl to be a firefighter. I know he tried his hardest to help save those people. He was so brave to go in there. Even though we are from a small town, we still think about you guys and appreciate what Carl did.

    – Mylie
  18. Yesterday on the 21st anniversary of this tragic day I did a tower climb to honour the memory of all the firefighters that was killed in the 9/11 & our own firefighters lost in action here in NZ. I was honoured to to take Carl up with me. While listening to the speech before the climb I was trying to imagine what he was thinking about before he entered the tower, what he was thinking while trying to help as many people as possible, the terror he faced. It is something I will never be able to comprehend, the scale of what happened. The heroic actions will never be forgotten. The loss for the family I send my love.
    Rest easy, never forgotten

    – Rae
  19. My one year old daughter and I climbed today in Springfield, MO in your honor. When I started to doubt whether or not I could finish, I read your name and Christopher Mozzillo’s name out loud to her, and reminded myself that my discomfort is so much less than what you gave that day. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are not forgotten.

    – Lindsay
  20. Remembering and honoring Carl Francis Asaro and all those who served and lost their lives on September 11th. We will never forget those who sacrificed their lives on that day.

    – Sophie Bowman