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Roll of Honor

Age: 23
Year of Death: 2010

Chance Hyatt Zobel

Chance was killed in a line-of-duty accident at only 23 years old. In such a short life he had achieved what many people search their whole life to find.

He understood how fulfilling it was to help others who were in need or less fortunate. He demonstrated this through both his professional life working for the Columbia Fire Department as a full-time firefighter and in his personal life. For nine summers‚ he worked a week with the Methodist Salkehatchie program rebuilding homes for the underprivileged.

As a son‚ he was as perfect as they come. You could always count on him to make the right decisions and to do the right thing. His smile would lighten even your worst day‚ and his fun-loving attitude and wit were a blessing to everyone he touched. He loved and cherished his family and always made time for them. He was mentor‚ pal‚ and best friend to his younger brother‚ Randy‚ always there helping him through life’s little struggles.

Chance had found the love of his life in his fiancèe‚ Katie. They were childhood sweethearts that‚ over their nine year relationship‚ grew into a couple of young adults with a bond and love that most married couples only dream of. They were only four short months away from getting married. It was obvious to the community and both our families what a special and wonderful relationship they had.

Chance had a great passion and love for the outdoors and sports. He played baseball and football and took pride in his knowledge of the games. He loved to hunt and fish and had mastered both well beyond his age. He had a great respect for all things living and relished just being outside with nature.

He was proud to be a firefighter and was admired and respected by his brothers in the fire service. His captain said that after just a few days from coming to Station 4 as a probie‚ Chance was already making everyone work harder just to keep up. He had great and true friends in both the firefighter brotherhood and life

Chance was cherished by his family‚ friends and brother firefighters. Columbia has lost a great young man and firefighter. Katie has lost her beloved fiancèe. Randy has lost his best friend‚ pal‚ and mentor. Toni and I have lost our beautiful son‚ which is almost unbearable. But in our faith and belief of Jesus Christ‚ I know in my heart‚ God has gained an Angel.

May God Bless You All‚ Toni‚ Rob and Randy Zobel

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  1. I still carry Chance’s last shell casing with me on every hunt. Sometimes, I forget about it in the bottom of my pack, and when I rediscover it, it is like having Chance there with me. Still love you, buddy…UB

    – Bill Zobel