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Roll of Honor

Age: 39
Year of Death: 2013

Christopher Reed Brown

Christopher Reed Brown—husband, father, son, brother, friend, and mentor. If you knew him well, hearing his name alone would bring a smile to your face. Speaking of smiles, his was infectious. He possessed so many good qualities. To know him was to love him.

Chris’s love for firefighting began at a young age. His great-grandfather and uncle were both firefighters. He began as a volunteer in Peoria Heights, followed by the Morton Fire Department. His career was with the Bloomington, Illinois, Fire Department for 12 years, and he was a volunteer in Hudson, where he lived.

Chris’s positive attitude and practical approach to life made him a beacon of light for those who had a hard time seeing through the storm. He was a “cut to the chase” kind of person. Complaints were hard for Chris to hear; he was all about helping you think it through and find a solution.

Even though his household projects seldom got completed, his family’s needs were always met. He had a “can-do” attitude…as long as he had his iPhone, internet, and friends to tell him how he could do it! No project was too big, and no need too small. Helping others brought Chris so much joy. His selfless heart was just a small part of a much larger person.

A devoted husband and model father, the core of Chris’s world was Amie, Maxwell, and Mason. When Chris and Amie got married, they were up and running with their feet never touching the ground. Through hard work and determination, they managed to turn the American dream into a reality, creating an almost perfect environment for their children in a less than perfect world. From Boy Scouts to hockey, coaching a team or leading the pack, Chris devoted everything he had to doing the absolute best he could do. Chris was very proud of his family. You could see it on his face every time he looked at them. Chris was passionate about the whole family being close and involved with each other. Even in death he has accomplished that goal. The family has taken several trips together and will continue to do so annually.

Chris loved the outdoors, especially camping, fishing, and boating. He led a full life and was always on the move. Juggling a busy schedule that involved his kids’ athletics, family outings, work, back rubs for his wife, and maybe a little time for that ever growing list of projects that we all loved to tease him about.

There is no question that the day Chris died forever changed all of our lives. The 39 years he spent on this earth were so positive, so impactful, so…Chris, that he will live on in our good deeds, hearts, and laughter forever.

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  1. What a honor it was to know Chris!! He was such a unique individual, loving, caring and such an inspiration!

    – Tammy
  2. Chris was an awesome man. It was a pleasure to call him my Brother at Bloomington Fire. We will never forget him or his wonderful family.

    – John Meckley
  3. You are an example for all of us… career, volunteer and retired. We will remember you always.

    – Bill Radek
  4. Chris was an amazing cousin and friend. He always was supportive in everything and always had a smile that lit up the room. I miss the laughter that we all shared. When we were just teenagers Chris told me all he wanted to achieve in his lifetime. Chris, you did it all and you made it look so easy! I was and always will be proud to call you my cousin and Hero. I love you always!

    – Dawn Adkisson
  5. He continues to be such an influential example of how to live life. Never far from our memories or heart. So blessed to have called him a friend.

    – Jessica Frerichs
  6. Driving through Illinois we looked up this ‘Christopher R Brown.’ What an impactful tribute for him. We know the difficulty of loss in our own family. We also know the promise of eternal life for those that put their faith in Jesus Christ. This truly is THE ONLY HOPE! Gods blessings upon your family!!

    – Mike and Lisa Skaalerud