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Age: 55
Year of Death: 2019

Dale A. Brown

Dale Brown. How do you sum up the life of an exceptional man in just a few words? Dale Brown was not only a hero because he died in the line of duty; he was a hero because of the way he conducted his life.

Dale was born into a family of firefighters. His dad, brothers, uncle, and cousins were all a part of the fire service. Dale was well respected among his peers and was an excellent mentor and teacher. He had a particular talent when it came to technical rescue, water rescue, and confined space rescue. He was always anxious to learn more and to share that knowledge with others. He was a quiet, patient teacher.

Dale was an amazing husband who genuinely loved and cherished his wife, Jenny. They were so close and enjoyed being together. They traveled extensively, loved boating and being on the water. He was a loving son, a caring brother, and a doting uncle who was always there when it counted. His nieces and nephews called him “Uncle Brownie” and could always depend on him to “MacGuyver” anything that might need fixing. He was a loyal, trustworthy friend, and he never thought twice about helping someone in need.

Dale made friends everywhere he went, including during the time that he was fighting occupational cancer. He worked to help facilitate new legislation that might help other firefighters who may also be affected. Even during his illness, he joined the “My Brother’s Burden” walk in support of his firefighter brothers and sisters affected by occupational cancers, where he became even more of an inspiration to many people. Though it was physically taxing, it was very important to him, and he never gave up.

Dale was a fighter. He battled his disease with grace and dignity, surrounded by those who loved him most, including his firefighter family. One of his treasured memories on his cancer journey was when he was in New York to see a specialist. He was unexpectedly invited to spend time with FDNY Rescue 1, a company that was changed by the events of September 11 at the World Trade Center. It was a very memorable and touching experience for him.

Dale was a man that lived in a manner that should be an example to us all. He had a motto that he lived by: Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. His pure heart was evident as soon as you met him, and his smile will live on forever in our hearts.

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  1. In Loving Memory of Lt. Dale Brown. Your smile and love continues to shine bright And light my way. My best friend, the love of my life, your pure and caring heart is the gift I will carry with me forever. Forever Loved, Remembered and Honored with every breath I take. I refer to your favorite quote often, ‘Everyday may not be good, But there is Something Good in Everyday’ . Till we meet again, your Love is my light.

    – Jenny Brown
  2. I never knew a day in this world without you… till I did. As heartbroken as I am, I laugh and smile remembering all our memories. From my first friend, High school memories, College days, your excitement meeting my daughter’s, the good days and the not so good days, dispatching you to your calls (telling you where to go) haha, spending late nights watching the sunrise and talking about dreams, realities and everything under the sun (literally). We still have your heart here on earth in Jenny, and that we will FOREVER be thankful for.
    As most everything in life you did… YOU ROCKED being a big brother. Not much I can say that I haven’t already told you. You know my heart through and through.
    Thanks for some of the best memories of my life. I’m sure when we meet again we will catch up and then back to some fun loving shenanigans.
    You did good! You will forever be in my heart, my smile, and my shenanigans.
    So much love, honor, respect, and pretty fantastic memories I will forever hold with me. I smile because you’re my brother… I laugh because we sure had a good time.

    – Janet New
  3. Miss you and think of you every day. You were an amazing brother, son, uncle, and friend to many. You have been honored by so many at fire depts and by family. You were truly dedicated to the fire service and your fire family! Love you always❤️

    – Peggy Norris
  4. In memory of Lt. Dale Brown. Over the years you taught us kiddos how to take care of your own and strangers in need. You taught us that there is good in everyday and that sometimes we are the good without even knowing it. Showing up for people when they need us the most. Being the good if only for a moment in someones day. Everyday we will try to live in your example and honor your memory. You are forever loved and always remembered. Rest easy Uncle Brownie.

    – Lauren New
  5. Uncle Dale will always be the epitome of what it means to be an amazing person. He was there for every thing. Birthdays, holidays, graduations. I’ll forever miss his talks, even the ones where he kindly tore me a new one. I needed them more than he knew. He was full of love and lessons, and was always there to help you back up when you fell. He is missed every single day but his presence is felt in everything we do. He was the greatest role model ever, no matter it be in life lessons and experiences, in marriage, and in working hard and completing what you start. A real hero. We love and miss you uncle Brownie!!!

    – Susan Brown
  6. I grew up always wishing I had a big brother. We became fast friends, and you became the brother I’d always wanted, and more. I will never forget your love and hugs, your many kindnesses, and the way you always looked out for me. And when you met Jenny, I knew you two were meant to be. Being in your wedding and being a part of both of your lives was both an honor and a forever treasure. Jenny’s the best!! I’ll never forget you. You were a hero in the truest sense of the word, and made us all so proud. But even more so, you will always be remembered for your honesty, your strength in the face of adversity, and your heart of gold. And for those giant spinning around hugs you always gave me! ♥️

    – Jenny Brownfield
  7. Uncle Dale (Lt. Dale Brown),
    Thank you for always being there for your family. I’ll never forget the many ways you helped me, and the support I always had. I remember getting to tell you about Annalynn. Although you didn’t get to meet her, she will always know who you are and how amazing you were. I know you’re watching over us all now. We love and miss you!

    – Brandy Pearcy
  8. UNCLE DALE “BROWNIE” BROWN, there were so many things I wanted to say to you before you left us. I wanted to thank you for loving me and supporting me as if I were your own daughter. I wanted to tell you just how much I loved you with all my heart. How nothing was ever going to be the same without you here. I’m sorry I never got the courage to tell you this, but I hope you can hear the words of my heart in heaven. You truly left this world a better place by being in it. I know you are no longer sick and you are welcoming your brothers and sisters home with open arms….the girls and I say that we will know how to find you in heaven because it will smell like your fireplace. Until I smell the fireplace, I will always love you and miss you.

  9. Your memory will always live on. You were one of the best officers and friend, I’ve ever worked with.
    “Not every day is a good day, but there is good in every day!”

    – Christopher Stallings
  10. Always missed

    – Tyler Neff
  11. I had the privilege to work with Dale for a few years and count myself lucky. He was always ready to help a guy learn a new skill or help an old guy brush up on one. Very proud to say I worked with him.

    – Richard McFarland
  12. I never met you, but I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny and Janet, and both are special to me. Rest easy.

    – Emaleigh Jacobs
  13. Miss you Brownie.

    – Marc Ravenscraft
  14. Uncle Dale,
    I miss you more than words can ever express. I miss texting you to see if you have your scanner on because I just saw a car wreck or structure fire come out. I miss your voice. I miss your face. I know you are always with me but it’s still not the same. Avery is starting school, we bought a golf cart (and I know you would think it’s cool), there’s so many times I want to pick up the phone and call you. I love you so much and I know heaven needed you. I’m thankful you are free of pain and catching up with grandpa and Annie. Until we meet again, I will never stop missing you.

    – Tiffany Hay
  15. I will love and miss you forever. So thankful you were part of my life. You were My Hero !

    – Leigh Ann Moore
  16. I didn’t know Dale as well as most others do but I know he was a kind cheerful
    Man a loving husband and a brave person he fought the hard fight and didn’t complain I think he held Jenny together when she wanted to fall apart They were a truly great couple and I was proud to know them

    – Sandi
  17. Thank you for your friendship, leadership and for ALWAYS putting others ahead of yourself! No matter what the time of day, or what ever you were in the middle of, you always the time to answer a question, show the proper way to do things or even to just say hey how are you doing today. Thank you for showing what a true leadership is about! Please keep watch over us. I am sorry I was unable to be there to bid you a farewell. All I can say is, Thank You SIR! Thank You!

    – Doug Veselsky
  18. Dale was such a kind best memory is, he taught my Oldest how to ski as a young boy ( well he tried his best) lake memories are the wonderful..
    Seeing how he and Jenny wentthrough all his treatment and the love they had was incredibly BEAUTIFUL..

    – Becky Stolz
  19. First met Dale when we came on the job as recruits in our early 20s. I remember being impressed with his humble personality and strong work ethic. His father was the Fire Chief, but Dale recieved no special treatment, nor would he ever want it.  He was very proud of his Dad, and his brothers, who also served on the department, but Dale simply wanted to put in his own work.

    I look back with pride at the years we served together at Co#1.  “The Three Mussmateers” as we were called,  Dale, Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed the job and the comradry. It was busy and wild at times, but we would not have traded to work anywhere else. When we had some time to relax, it was often did anything but that. Dale was the magnet who could draw us into after hours activties that might have started with organizing a tool box on the truck, to dragging out rescue equipment and training late into the evening. I miss that… and the late night dining room conversations with Dale,  Whitco and Chris, solving the problems of the fire service and the world.

    Dale’s time with us was a gift everyday and I am grateful for that. Through the ups and downs, Dale did the impossible and made the very best of it all.  We all wanted to be there for him, because he was always there for us.  Always listening, always offering help. Dale went Above and Beyond and I am sure that is exactly where he is now. Watching out for us from above, just beyond our reach.
    I miss you Brother

    – Jeff Groneck