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Age: 47
Year of Death: 2004

Daniel E. Elkins

Submitted by his wife

Dan was a captain for Los Angeles County Fire Department. He had worked as a firefighter for 20 years. His dream in high school and as a young adult was to be a firefighter. That dream was achieved when he was hired by LA County in 1984. He was so proud……..all of us were. Most of his firefighting career was spent in the Antelope Valley‚ Northern Los Angeles County. He worked hard to become a paramedic‚ engineer‚ USAR member‚ and eventually a captain‚ not to mention the various training specialist certificates and teams he was on. He worked in fire prevention‚ the camps‚ and of course several different fire stations. He loved his job and often bragged about having been blessed with the best job ever.

Dan’s career was the fire department‚ but his life was God and his family. He was so good about putting those things first. In all the years that our kids were small they never felt like dad’s job was more important than a baseball game or a birthday. He loved God and knew Jesus Christ as his Savior. It is that fact and that fact only that has given our family some peace in such a difficult situation.

Dan was my husband and friend for over 26 years. We were so young when we were married and young when we started our family. I am so thankful for that now. He was a faithful husband‚ father and friend. He was the kind of man that other men came to for advice and guidance. He was logical and sensitive. He understood the struggles of youth and knew the advantage of prayer. He was a friend to our kids as they became adults. He was the best man in our son‚ Jeremy’s‚ wedding. He was the king to his princess‚ Mandy.

He had a sense of humor that was the best…….a little odd at times‚ but he could make you laugh even when you had made up your mind not to. He was creative‚ crafting much of our furniture himself. He was talented‚ writing songs for me and other members of our family and playing them for us on his guitar to express how he felt about us. He was an elder in our church‚ bringing wisdom along with a fresh outlook to the business of running a large church. He loved to cycle‚ woodwork‚ read‚ snowboard‚ travel‚ and spend time with his family. He loved music‚ art‚ gardening‚ and studying scripture.

He was the best…he was my first love‚ and my hero‚ my husband and my friend. I know that on July 13‚ 2004 as he looked in the face of Jesus‚ he heard ‘Well done my good and faithful servant.’

We look forward to the day when we will see him once again.

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  1. Fire Velo cycling club was proud to create the annual LA2SD Ride in Dan’s honor. ????

    – Buck Buchanan