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Darin James Sabine

Darin James Sabine

  • Chief
  • Newington Fire Department
  • New Hampshire
  • Age: 35
  • Year of Death: 2019

Darin was more than a firefighter. Darin was an amazing father, husband, son, brother, and friend. He had a laugh that would echo in the room, a spark in his eye that was contagious, and a desire to help others that was undeniable. His path in life drew him to the fire service. As a young boy he rode his bike to the town’s department to buy snacks from the vending machine in hopes that someone on duty would invite him in. It wasn’t long until his mother drafted a handwritten note allowing him to spend time in station at the age of 12. Soon after that, Darin became a Fire Explorer, attended the fire academy, and started as a call firefighter. He worked through the ranks of his town’s fire department as a part-time firefighter, full time firefighter, deputy chief, and ultimately ending his career as the youngest chief in New Hampshire.

When asked, Darin said his greatest accomplishment in life was being a father to his little girls. He kept a smile on everyone’s face with his silly jokes, funny stories, and endless adventures. He adored his family. One of his fondest memories was of trips to the family camp in northern New Hampshire to snowmobile and four-wheel. He loved to cook, have gatherings, and make everyone laugh. Darin was the friend that everyone wanted. He always answered the late-night calls, helped move, ran people to the airport, or offered moral support and a good laugh.

Darin not only worked in a career helping others but exemplified that in his day-to-day life. He would help someone change a flat tire, reach out to a stranger who he knew was struggling, and started a toy drive for smaller areas of the state that struggled to secure toys during the holiday season. Darin found a way to collect and deliver toys so as many children as possible could have presents under their Christmas tree. Chief Sabine’s Toys for Northern New Hampshire has lived on in his memory.

The loss of Darin influenced many people, most of all his wife and children, Jennifer, Sophia, and Maya; parents, sister and nephew, Brenda, Stephen, Laura, and Isaiah; as well as his aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. Darin is missed dearly every day, but everyone affected by Darin’s journey has tried to find the sparkle in every day. This was something that Darin and his family always said and continue to say. In the hardest of times and most difficult of days, there is a little sparkle somewhere. You just need to be open to looking for and finding it. Darin’s memory lives on as a sparkle in the lives of anyone who knew him.

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