Roll of Honor

David L. Crenshaw

David L. Crenshaw

  • Firefighter
  • Anderson County Fire Department
  • South Carolina
  • Age: 63
  • Year of Death: 2012

David Crenshaw was born April 23‚ 1948‚ in Pendleton‚ South Carolina‚ and spent his life serving the citizens of Anderson County in numerous civil service positions.

He started as a volunteer firefighter at Pendleton Station 2 in 1962‚ at the age of 14. By 2004‚ he had become the longest serving fire chief in the Anderson County Fire Department‚ with 21 faithful years of leadership with Pendleton Station 2.

He filled the positions of patrolman with the Pendleton Police Department‚ deputy and then investigator with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. He retired in 2000 as a magistrate court judge. In 2004‚ he was elected as the sheriff of Anderson County‚ where he served for four years. He retired from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office in 2008.

He died on January 9‚ 2012‚ doing the job he loved‚ still on the pump panel of Engine 2-1 after 50 years of volunteer fire service.

Known by his friends as ‘Big Dummy‚’ he was a father‚ friend‚ and mentor to countless others. He is survived by his loving wife‚ Lynn; his daughter‚ Jennifer; his son‚ Ben; and his brother‚ Frank‚ all of whom reside in Pendleton.

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