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Dennis E. Dearing Jr.

Submitted by his Mother

Dennis was born in Maysville‚ KY to Dennis and Peggy Dearing and when he came home from the hospital he was greeted by his sister‚ Robin Lynn. We moved to Michigan when Dennis was 6 weeks old. He graduated from Pontiac Northern High School‚ Pontiac‚ MI.

He worked as a sales manger for ABC Warehouse‚ Utica. He married Julie and they lived in Auburn Hills‚ MI. He wanted to do something for his community so he joined the Auburn Hills Volunteer Fire Department and he loved it.

On February 27‚ 1994 he got a call out to a fire he didn’t come home from. The fire turned out to be arson. Julie was 5 weeks pregnant with their first child and she gave birth in October to a baby boy‚ Tyler.

He had worked on the Fire Department for 18 months when he got his final call. There still isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t thought about and missed….

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  1. Jr. is my nephew and I say is because its too hard to say was in this case. He will always be my nephew and he had a wonderful life and still had so many years for more but it was taken away from him and us, all due to the sad act of an arsonist.It is said not to ask Why that only God knows but I ask why everyday.There is a void in the whole family and Jr. will be missed for the rest of our lives.

    – Vickie jones
  2. I regret every day not being able to meet or know my nephew..but knowing my sister and her family I have learned so much about him. I know he is in heaven watching over his family and keeping them safe..

    – Debbie Brady
  3. I was on the scene at the fire the day Dennis lost his life; I and many on the department were changed forever. Dennis was a good man who was serving his community when a bad thing happened to him that never should have. Even though Dennis has passed he is affecting lives all over the state. Many of the Firefighters who were at that fire are working at other departments now and his memory lives in our minds and hearts. It comes out with the instruction and advice we give our fellow Firefighters. “Be safe, expect the unexpected, what would you do if this happened?” lessons like this and more our taught everyday because of that experience. Every year since his passing we have recognized him at the Michigan Firefighter Memorial; we remind people of the arsonist who killed Dennis and keep the knowledge fresh in their minds that bad things happen to good people. Dennis may have passed but he is still protecting his community. I can still see the grin on his face and know he would be happy about that.

    – Michael Holland
  4. Though it’s been 27 years I think of you daily and miss all the fun we had together. I felt your presence with me on fire calls keeping me safe, I only wish i could have been there for you. I miss you brother. Never forgotten RIP

    – Tim Young