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Dennis James Long

Dennis James Long

  • Firefighter/Equipment Operator
  • Idaho Department of Lands
  • Idaho
  • Age: 65
  • Year of Death: 2013

Dennis Long was born in Lewiston, Idaho, to Harry and Zelpha Long. He helped his folks run the local coal delivery business. He graduated from Clarkston High School in 1967 and went on to college at LCSC, where he majored in heavy duty diesel and was on the dean’s list.

Dennis married the love of his life, Judy Martin, who he had known since they were very young. Dennis and Judy enjoyed 39 years of marriage, and during that time they had two daughters, Janie and Andrea. Dennis provided everything for his family. He worked many jobs and sometimes worked all week, then drove the postal truck for Gerald Bacon, who was one of his best friends. He had many side jobs as well. Anyone that knew Dennis could say he worked hard, and there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed. He would always figure it out. He worked as a mechanic for Bennett Lumber Company in Clarkston, where he was very well respected by the Bennett and Dimkie family. He also worked for Steelman and Duff for a number of years. Then he went to work for Richard and Rae Swanson’s company, S&M Logging, based out of Clarkston. Richard was another of Dennis’s best friends, and I don’t think there was anything that they wouldn’t do for each other. After Richard passed away a few years back, Dennis remained friends with his son, Mark Swanson, who still runs the business. Dennis enjoyed the lumber industry and worked for other companies as well, but the ones mentioned were his best experiences.

Dennis had one sister, Margret Long, and two brothers, Pat and Dan Long. He enjoyed many hunting and camping trips with his dad and brothers in their youth. Dennis enjoyed the mountains, hiking, hunting, fishing, riding his ATV, and many family camping trips throughout the northwest. He enjoyed just sitting in his pickup watching the clouds pass over him as he watched the sun rise or set. He took it all in and enjoyed every minute of it.

Dennis would volunteer to do just about anything. If someone called and they needed a hand, no matter what, he was there for his friends. One of his friends, John Mallory, said Dennis was the most honest person he had ever known. He worked hard and gave too much of his time away. He never charged enough, but the way Dennis looked at it, he was helping a friend. They had families, too, and he knew if he gave them a break, more work would follow later on. He was respected by all for his honesty and hard work.

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