Roll of Honor

Franklin W. Eubanks

Franklin W. Eubanks

  • Firefighter
  • Arlington Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mississippi
  • Age: 47
  • Year of Death: 2005

Submitted by his wife

Franklin W. ‘Frank’ Eubanks was a member of the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department for approximately 15 years. He not only answered fire calls but always checked on the elderly persons in our community. He would carry them meals if they were sick‚ repair things that needed to be repaired and always gave a loving smile. After Hurricane Katrina he spent hours‚ days and weeks making sure everyone had water‚ ice or anything else they may need.

He was known as ‘Frankie Do’ at church and throughout the community for he always was doing something for someone. One of his best friends even called him to get her cat out of the tree one day‚ but laughingly he went and climbed the tree to rescue the little cat. His main interest in life was to share God with everyone he came in contact with‚ young or old.

He was a wonderful husband‚ devoted father‚ and servant of the Lord. He was a friend to many. He is not only missed by his wife and children‚ but by the community and church as well. He never received any awards until now‚ but he never undertook a task to be recognized. He did everything out of love to his fellow friends.

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