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Age: 57
Year of Death: 2021

George Roque

George Roque was more than just an LAFD captain. He was a husband, father, brother, mentor, family member, and friend to many! He dedicated 37 years to the fire service, serving the State of California, City of Loma Linda, and his last 22 years with the City of Los Angeles. He was always searching for ways to advance. Throughout his career in the fire service, he held the positions of fire officer, firefighter, and engineer. His ultimate goal was to work for LAFD, and after four long years on a waiting list, he was hired on in 1998 as a firefighter. He worked with honor, pride, and integrity. He would later promote to captain. George believed in leading by example and always found time to train, teach, guide, and share words of wisdom with his crew that he treated like family.

During the academy and while promoting for LAFD, George was known for his relentless studying. He did not attend an event or family function without having a study binder, books, or flash cards to review. His family would often find him in front of a mirror rehearsing for his upcoming drill presentations and interviews. This commitment and the high expectations George held for himself showed how truly driven and dedicated George was to succeed for himself and his family.

George was a master of many skills. He enjoyed masonry, concrete, carpentry, tile setting, and farming in his citrus grove. His workmanship was outstanding. As hard as George worked, he always made time to enjoy his life. He loved hunting, camping, boating, and planning trips for his family and friends that became family. The memories of the trips and time together is what his family will always cherish.

George was someone that you went to if you needed advice, direction, a helping hand, or a dose of tough love. He believed that it’s all about setting goals, working hard, being disciplined, and never giving up on yourself! These high standards are what he would instill in our four children. Family and togetherness meant everything to George.

My husband, Captain George Roque, made the ultimate sacrifice during his service to the people of the City of Los Angeles, contracting Covid-19 while on duty, then passing away due to complications of the Covid-19 virus. His sudden passing was a huge loss for his loving family and everyone who knew him.

George Roque’s legacy of discipline and hard work will continue through all who he has mentored. To the world, he was a dad and husband; to his wife and kids, he was their entire world.

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  1. George Roque was such an inspiration to my life and my family. I had the honor and privilege to spend 3 quality hours with him about 1 month prior to his passing. He told me how important family is to him, how he adored his wife and kids. How he built his legacy and literally and everything in place should anything ever happen to him.
    He encouraged me to never stop fighting for my marriage and my special needs son. He also encouraged me to be strong and no matter he would be there for us in our journey ♥️ unfortunately, that was the last conversation we ever had. We love him so much. He always made Zak feel so loved. Thank you for the memories ❤️ RIP Primo ❤️

    – Arleen Arzola