Roll of Honor

Hugh B. Ferguson III

Hugh B. Ferguson III

  • Chief
  • Damon Volunteer Fire Department
  • Texas
  • Age: 52
  • Year of Death: 2014

Hugh Virgle “Bubba” Ferguson, III, was born on September 30, 1961, in Wharton, Texas, to Ann and Hugh V. Ferguson, Jr. Bubba was raised in Damon, along with his sisters, Melissa and Denise, and his brother, Chris.

The nickname “Bubba” was given to him by the citizens of Damon, where he was well known. When he was little, he would ride on his tricycle through downtown Damon wearing only his underwear, and they would call out “Hey, Bubba!”

He was inspired to become a firefighter at a young age, after learning the details of his Uncle Tommy’s death in Vietnam. He vowed that if becoming a firefighter would save even one person from a tragic death, then that was what his calling would be.

Bubba began his education at Damon Elementary. He was eager to learn, loved going to school, and served as a good role model and leader. When Bubba turned 15 and was able to drive, he joined the Damon Volunteer Fire Department. Firefighting and fire training soon became his passion.

After graduating from West Columbia High School, Bubba worked as a rice farmer. He loved farming during the week and going out dancing on the weekends. In 1981, at a dance, Bubba met the love of his life, Andrea. The rest, as they say, is history. Bubba and Andrea were married on August 31, 1983. He was 21, and she was 18.

Bubba got a job for a construction company, which took the family to Corpus Christi for four years and then to Malone, New York. Bubba remained a happy-go-lucky person no matter where the road took him. Not long after their return to Damon, Bubba was made fire chief.

Bubba was an exemplary husband to Andrea and father to his two sons, Dustin and Sean. A good provider, he made sure his wife and sons had everything they needed. He was selfless and always put others first. If anyone needed him, he was always there. Bubba was so proud of the men that his sons became. Andrea and Bubba celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on August 31, 2014.

Bubba proudly served on the Damon School Board for many years and was proud to present the fire prevention program to the Damon students.

In 2009, Derek James Ferguson was born to Dustin and Katie, giving Bubba the other nickname that he loved the best—“Paw.” They were best buddies, and this little boy melted Bubba’s heart. Now we will have the third generation of Ferguson firefighters.

Bubba left a lasting impression on everyone he met and will always be missed. He was instrumental in building the Damon Fire Department to what it is today. His pride and leadership will live on in the department forever.

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