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Jamie Angelo Peite

Jamie Angelo Peite

  • Chief
  • Ironwood Township Volunteer Fire Department
  • Michigan
  • Age: 43
  • Year of Death: 2014

Jamie Angelo Peite was born on October 3, 1970, 13 ½ minutes before his twin brother. At 8 pounds 3 ounces, he was the bigger twin. Jamie had red hair and beautiful brown eyes. In death, he donated his eyes so someone else could see.

His childhood was spent on a 40-acre farm learning to care for animals, helping repair things, making firewood, and playtime. Jamie also had three sisters. They were all so close in age, as all five children were born over a five year span. The bond they formed was strong, and everyone always watched out for each other.

Jamie graduated from high school in Ironwood, Michigan, and went to Dunwoody Institute in Minnesota with his brother. Jamie became an expert body man and worked at that profession for 22 years. It wasn’t his dream, though, and he realized that the chemicals on the job were affecting his health. He quit and went back to college to become a psychologist. He graduated junior college with highest honors and went on to finish at UW-Superior, but died before he accomplished his dream. With his sense of humor, he would have been a very good psychologist, and his empathy for humanity would have served him well.

Jamie had nothing except his daughter during college and worked part-time jobs to support her, but if someone needed something, no matter what, he did his best to help.

Jamie joined the Ironwood Township Volunteer Fire Department and became chief. He worked tirelessly, getting grants, donations, and doing fundraisers to get the equipment and vehicles they needed.

Jamie was an avid reader. He especially liked books about ancient sorcerers and dragons. His collection is mine now, and in my lifetime I could never read them all.

Jamie was a kind soul. As his mother, he never failed to help me, especially after his father became disabled. His gift of sharing was tremendous. We never realized until his death just how many people’s lives he touched.

Jamie had a son who he didn’t know was his until shortly before he passed away. He wished to be part of his life, but never got the chance. Nevertheless, he was in Jamie’s heart. Given a chance, he would have been a great father to him, as he was to the daughter he raised.

Jamie’s jokes and laughter and his deep singing voice follow on at family gatherings. We reminisce and laugh over things he said or did. God took a great man who is terribly missed by his family and will never be forgotten. There is solace knowing he is soaring with the angels.

See you again someday, Jamie. Love ya! Mom

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