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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 31
Year of Death: 2001

Jeffrey J. Olsen

Jeffrey J. Olsen‚ 31‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 10. He was decorated for bravery for the rescue of a family from an apartment fire. Such acts of heroism came naturally to Olsen‚ who had donated bone marrow to a 15-year-old boy he didn’t even know. He was a devoted father to his two children‚ as well as to his stepson. He enjoyed fishing and loved to camp with his family.

Submitted by his wife

Jeffrey James Olsen was raised in Staten Island‚ New York. He graduated from the Fire Academy in 1999 and rotated through 3 firehouses before he returned to Engine 10 in June of 2001. In his short career‚ he had earned the reputation of a very reliable and capable firefighter. His sense of humor preceded him. One of his captains was quoted as saying his smile was something he was-not something he wore.

He was an avid outdoorsman who loved to fish‚ camp and kayak. He had an indescribable love for life.

Jeffrey not only made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11‚ but had saved the life of a 15 year old boy by donating his bone marrow in October of 2000.

He also took part in a daring rescue with l175 where they rescued 5 children from a burning building. For this he was given a commendation from a Staten Island councilman and posthumously he was honored with a bravest award that was presented to his wife. He leaves behind his wife‚ Denise‚ and 3 children-Vincent‚ Tori Rose and Noah. Also surviving are his parents‚ 5 brothers and sisters‚ and 18 nieces and nephews.

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  1. You were one of a kind !
    You are missed & thought of by many.

    – Patricia LoSardo
  2. I walked with you this past weekend at lambeau field in green bay for the 2016 memorial walk.
    With the help of your strength we both made it to the end. Rest in piece my fellow brother…

    – Eric pellinen
  3. I work at Pierce Manf. In Appleton WI. We build fire trucks. As our company was having a 9/11 remembrance I choose you as a fallen firefighter that I will support for a year. You will be with me as I work to support all firefighter by building fire trucks. RIP brother and know you are not forgotten.

    – Jerry olsen
  4. It was a privilege to carry your name as well as that of one of your fellow firefighters at this year’s Never Forget stair climb in Manchester, NH. I will never forget the sacrifice you made on that day. Rest In Peace.

    – Michelle Bajdek
  5. I live in California and had the privilege of carrying you with my to the top of the monserat mountain in Fallbrook for the 7th annual 9/11 memorial hike in 2017 that has the same elevation as the north tower did. Together we finished the climb of 110 floors. Engine 10 will forever more have a special place in my heart. My condolences to your family. That they may know, they are not alone.

    – Breana Garcia
  6. Omg this was my 1st stair climb I never knew about them I would have walked all of them this was my 1st climb it’s very touchy and memorable I really felt Jeffery’s presence with me I felt like he was standing next me holding my hand it sound weird but I felt a bond to someone I never met I felt I knew him personally. I was determined to finish even when my leg gave out and I fell face. There was no way I was stopping, did Jeffrey, no he gave it all putting his life out there to save people in the twin towers. Jeffrey is a hero forever. His badge is clipped in my car mirror he will be my motivation in life when you want to give up I will always say did Jeffrey give up heck no. Jeffery will always be my motivation and surely is a hero.

    – Theresa Hoelzel
  7. Today I walked for Jeffrey J. Olsen I am really thankful for helping all those people in the Twin Towers. I hope everyone will remember this hero and pray for his family.

    – Karley
  8. I had the privilege and honor to carry your name/photo with me at the stair climb today 9/22/18 at Lambeau field, Green Bay, WI. Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.

    – Beth Gonzalez
  9. So I carried Jeffery’s tag on a Richmond VA stair climb a few years back. I’ve kept the tag hanging in my bunk room ever since. Currently, I’m doing training in NJ so my wife (who was with me on the stair climb) came up to visit for a day trip to NYC. We started our trek at the 9/11 memorial. When we made it to the memorial fountains, we first went to the North Tower memorial. It was here she asked “Do you want to look for that firefighter you climbed for? Was his name Jeff or something like that.” I replied “There are too many names, we’ll never find him and I cant remember his name right off my head, but yea it may have been a Jeff.” Soon afterward, we make our way around to the south tower memorial. As we approach, a group of about 6 or 7 people walk away. So, we naturally took their spot to observe the memorial. As soon I approached the rail I noticed the words Engine 10. A wave of emotions come over me as I immediately remembered that Jeffery was assigned to E 10. With a trembling lip and wet eyes I scanned to my right where Jeffery’s name was displayed. How did I see his name out of over 2,000 other victims of this tragedy? I can only explain this with faith in our Lord and being guided by his hand. God bless the heroes of this world and especially the family of Jeffery Olsen.

    – Thomas
  10. Today I had the honor of carrying your name for the NH 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Manchester, New Hampshire. You are a hero to so many. Rest in peace.

    – Nicole
  11. I walked with your badge on during the 9/11 climb this year and last year! It was an honor wearing your badge and walking for you! You truly are a hero! I will always keep your spirit alive and will never forget you. May you Rest In Peace, you will never be forgotten Mr. Olsen


    – Dom
  12. I had the honor of running for you today. On this 20th anniversary I pray your family and loved ones feel your presence with them. God Bless.

    – Jennifer Thomke
  13. I was in NYC today with my family. We walked up to the memorial to observe. When I looked down it was “Jeffrey James Olsen” engraved right in front of where I stood. To anyone else this may have had no outstanding significance, but to me it was something miraculous. My birth father’s name is Jeffrey James Jensen, the same first and middle name, with a short Scandinavian last. He passed when I was only a child, and I never got to meet him. I was adopted as a baby.

    I thought this was a really weird experience, so I looked up his name to get some clarity. When I saw Olsen’s age I thought I might be dreaming. He and my birth father were born the very same year. Not to mention my mother was working a few blocks away when the towers fell.

    Yesterday night my father told a story of going to the home town of his fathers mother in Spain. He went to a restaurant during siesta so no one was out. Out of no where a man came up to him and started a conversation. He talked just as my grandfather would have, and it seemed as though he was too similar. He was like a spirit visiting with no humanly explanation. It almost makes you believe in a God. I don’t do the story justice but you may get the point; at this level of detail it does not seam it could be coincidence.

    I’ve never been the type to hold such a supernatural idea, but this has gone a little too far for me to ignore.

    I know this is a comment no one will be expecting but I hope someone sees it.

    Rest In Peace, Jeffrey J. Olsen. I may not have known you but you mean something to me now. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice.

    – Elise Adamenko
  14. I miss you uncle jeff. I love you always and forever.

    – Kristiana Palummo
  15. Today I climbed with you at the Nashville 9/11 Memorial Stair climb. I read about you today and you sound just like someone I’d want to know. You are not forgotten.

    – Crystal Elliott
  16. Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to carry your name and dedicate my memorial stair climb on 9/11/2023 in Lancaster Ohio to you. I randomly drew your name from a hat and then learned of your selfless and life saving heroic acts before 9/11 even happened. You were a true hero. I also learned of your sense of humor and love of the outdoors and thought to myself that we could have been friends had we ever met. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and providing me inspiration. I rocked out to The Boss yesterday for you.

    – Dustin Poling